More Bad News for STUDIO 60

Variety is reporting that NBC has decided to premiere THE BLACK DONNELLYS a week sooner than planned, pulling STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP from its Monday night timeslot and premiering the new mobster drama on February 26 (instead of March 5). Looks like I probably should have watched the last two weeks of STUDIO 60 instead of letting it sit on my PVR. Damn you Neilson Ratings!

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  • I have mixed feelings about this.

    Not an enormous fan of Studio 60. It’s neither exciting nor as funny as you’d think it should be. It’s occasionally too political and self-righteous, as well.

    However, it is very well-made, very well-acted, and has generally improved. I’m now invested in the Danny/Jordan relationship too, so this hiatus is bad timing.

    I wonder if/when Studio 60 will be back, and if it has a chance at all for a second season. I think it’s just good enough in overall quality to deserve time to get better.

  • alex

    if you check the listings it does say there is a new episode of studio 60 on the 26th titled “breaking news” its not going off any earlier than planned.

  • Maggie

    I love Studio 60……they can’t take that away 🙁
    I’m still in therapy after the ending of West Wing ;(

  • I don’t understand…the show is brilliant, I love it!
    After last episode I thought the ratings were going to be better, but I have been disappointed.
    What a Pity!