Help Get the Paley Festival on iTunes

Each year, the Museum of Radio and Television holds the annual Paley Festival celebrating the best that television has to offer. Over twelve nights from March 1 to 15, 2007, MTR will unite stars, creators, and their fans for behind-the-scenes looks at the most talked-about shows on TV. During these events, the audience watches episodes or highlights of the featured work and participates in a Q&A with the show’s cast and creative team.

The year, the Paley Festival has once again managed to secure a phenomenal line-up, featuring some of’s personal favourites, including: DEXTER, BROTHERS & SISTERS, UGLY BETTY, THE SIMPSONS, NIP/TUCK, HEROES, PRISON BREAK, THE OFFICE, JERICHO, THE CLOSER and yes, even AMERICAN IDOL (click here for the entire schedule).

Yet each year, with only a few hundred seats available for each night — and the entire festival selling out within hours — fans are more often then not left upset and disappointed when they’re not able to obtain tickets. While the obvious solution is to secure a larger venue for the festival, the Museum seems hesitant to do so. Most likely not wanting to dilute the intimate nature of each event. Thus, it’s up to to put forth another solution.

Why not make the events available for download on iTunes the following day! Not only will the Museum earn large amounts of money (something every museum needs, nay loves), more importantly — millions of fans across North America will have the opportunity to see the magic that is a night at the Paley Festival. Having attended last year’s FAMILY GUY event, theTVaddict can say first hand that it was worth every penny I spent on eBay for the tickets!

Please post a comment in support of this idea. If enough people voice their opinion you never know what will happen. Come March 3 we could all be downloading THE OFFICE Paley Festival event and enjoying what very few lucky fans will have had the opportunity to see.

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  • Stacy

    Totally love this idea as I can’t make the actual festival. 🙂

  • Amy

    Please, please, please get the Nip/Tuck one on iTunes!! I would love to re-live the whole thing all over agian, and it would mean so much to me to have something to remember what I know will be a great night. PLEASE!

  • Joan

    Making the Nip/Tuck one available on iTunes would be ideal for fans like myself who live outside the US and, therefore, cannot attend the show in person.