Random Musings for a Thursday

Fans of HAIRSPRAY will not want to miss tonight’s installment of UGLY BETTY. Check out a preview clip of Justin singing “Good Morning Baltimore” for a not so pleased father. Any guesses as to how long it will be until we see an UGLY BETTY musical episode? Or how about an actual UGLY BETTY MUSICAL! (Thanks to theTHEATREaddict for the tip!)

Two more television shows you’ll know doubt be familiar with have joined the iTunes Store. Season Four of ONE TREE HILL as well as the second season of MY NAME IS EARL are now available to download for a mere $1.99 per episode. Good to know it will be really easy to catch up on the season in case in case I decide to end my ONE TREE HILL moratorium.

And last but certainly not least, MeeVee.com has just relaunched their web site. If you’re looking for a more technologically advanced TVGuide, one that allows you to input your favourite actors, genres, and keywords to create your own unique television schedule, then MeeVee is for you. More exciting for theTVaddict.com is the creation of “Blog Central.” Where you’ll find news and views from the best television sites on the web, including articles from yours truly theTVaddict.com. We here at theTVaddict.com wish MeeVee the best of luck on the re-design and relaunch.

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  • Sam

    Scanning over the page I first thought this said ‘ratings’ musings, but alas, I was mistaken. I’m just surprised you have nothing to say about the decline in LOST’s ratings (just nearly 12.8 mil for last night and only 14 mil the week before)

    Thanks to last nights chat though, I at least know of 5 people who WERE watching, lol