GREY’S ANATOMY: Ummm… Meredith…

meredith greyIt’s somewhat difficult to put into words the brilliance of last night’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY, but it’s what I do so here it goes.

In order to combat the ridiculousness of ‘IsaiahGate’, creator Shonda Rhimes has clearly put her energy towards the only thing she could control — her show. Last night, Mrs. Rhimes and the entire Grey’s team delivered what in thisTVaddict’s opinion was the series best episode to date. Ever moment was poignant, every scene riveting and most importantly, every character had a moment to shine.

Izzie’s triumphant return to the O.R. (as theTVaddict screams at the TV — “Find Meredith!”). George searching for his missing kid. Alex coming up with a solution for identifying the missing/deceased patients (again I scream, “Meredith… she’s in the water!”). Alex telling Addison, “I’d notice… if you went missing” (Me again, “MEREDITH IS MISSING PEOPLE!”). Finally, Derek pulling Meredith out of the water (I can start breathing…) Addison’s look towards Derek, McSteamy consoling of Derek, Christina calling Meredith ‘Her person’, Izzie’s speech to George at the end of the episode, Dr. Bailey being her awesome self, pretty much the entire episode… and of course, an ending that had my jaw falling to the floor.

Not just Denny…. but Coach Taylor.. sorry Kyle Chandler as well! (Mabye now you’ll all give FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS a try). Can next Thursday come any sooner?

And yes, in case you’re wondering. This week’s episode more then makes up for last week’s over-rated ‘set-up’ episode. And no — for the record — I’m not under the illusion that Meredith’s actually dead. But you can’t argue that her ‘death’ sure does make for some compelling drama.

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  • Coach Taylor…YAY!! I wasn’t watching on TiVo so I couldn’t rewind, but I swear he was wearing his Panthers jacket…LOL.

  • I haven’t been able to unscramble my mind yet either on the fabulousness that was last night’s episode of GA.

    I don’t think Mer stays dead either, but it is going to make for one hell of an Emmy tape for Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh. If the previews are any indication – they are sure getting the material for it.

    There is not one thing about last night that I did not absolutely love. I had to watch it again after it ended because my mind was racing the entire time trying to take it all in.

    But seriously, if you are going to die, isn’t it an awesome way to go waking up to bomb guy Dylan AND Denny!

  • While I completely expected to see Denny… I love how we saw Kyle Chandler first….. Thanks to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS…. Kyle Chandler can do no wrong. Seriously folks, it’s time to give FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS a chance.

  • I agree about Kyle Chander. This week’s scenes with his family on FNL made me fall head over heels in love with the guy.

    I hope he is on next week’s GA too. I loved Dylan.

  • Susan

    I wonder if there gonna have to keep trying to kill people off to get a good story arc, Denny now meredith. Now that meredith is in a supposed heaven with dead “Denny” and Dylan , how far you run with that in the next storyline. We all know you cant kill Meredith because the damn show is named after her but maybe they should have picked some else so their fate is not so clear.

  • As much as we all know Meredith isn’t dying…. I wouldn’t have put it past Shonda Rhimes to do it. Imagine… killing off your lead character at the height of the show’s popularity. Sure, ABC would never let her do it… but WOW, talk about a potential watercooler moment. GREY’S or would it just be ANATOMY… would never be forgotten!

  • tdot

    OMG great episode, I would be pissed off if the killed her off!
    Iam glad there not goin to do that!!

  • Sam

    Okay, so I’m alone in wishing Meredith would have died. She’s too whiny and annoying (moreso than her pals) but when Derek pulled her out of the water and she was as blue as his shirt, I gasped and took back my wish.

    I can’t wait for next week!

  • Liz

    Ok, so Dylan died in his uniform and he’s wearing for all eternity, Meredith dies in her scrubs and she ends up in those for all eternity, I’m so glad I never died in my Burger King uniform… And yet Denny in all his gorgeousness seems to have been let off from uniform purgatory…

  • Asked my mom about this one (she’s a neurosurgeon), and she was quick to reply that all they need to do is warm her up and she’d wake up. So no worries.

  • Sarah

    OK. How did everyone miss the completely obvious points!!!

    #1. Grey cannot die (and probably wont) because, duh, it’s called GREY’s anatomy.
    #2. How was this woman underwater for what 30 mins minimum, and yet they got her breathing again? I think not.
    #3. Let’s just say by some major miracle they got her breathing again. Well, even if they should save her life again (as her heart rate has currently flatlined), then she’s going to be brain dead.
    #4. Why did she even drown in the first place. Swim to the platform and get out. She bobbed up and down a few times. There was no rhyme or reason to how she just sunk underwater.
    #5. That water was so merky. how did Derek even see her to find her?
    #6. How about that stupid creepy mute kid? Ok this one is just random. But I just hate her.
    #7. Speaking of random, what was with Steven’s random, “I think you made a mistake marrying Callie.” Ok, so what… you want to throw it out there in the middle of a traumatic crisis. How ridiculous.
    #8. And foremost. The death/heaven scene? Give me a break.

    These past two episodes were waaaaaay too soap opera-ey for my taste.

    There. I said it.

  • Sarah, thanks for the points!

    If Grey were to die, the show could still be called Grey’s Anatomy… starring Meredith’s mom!

  • Tanya

    I hope they dont go totally soap opera. I mean where they start pulling storylines out of their ***. Then we get the really messed up relationships and the totally pointless storylines. Then every other week someone will almost kick the bucket in order to dramatically increase the ratings. Theres only so many times a limited cast of characters can be killed off and revived. The death scene is kind of stupid, this isnt freakin ghost whisperer. And Why is heaven a surgery room? …………. They also better not say she was dreaming because I clealy saw her flatline.

    I liked how they worked last seasons episodes.

  • um

    I agree that it’s weird that she couldn’t swim, but i think it’s connected to how she just let herself almost drown in the bathtub. Also, its really unrealistic that Derek could save her in the first place. I mean the water is supper deep so he can’t stand. and even life guards need flotation devices in order to carry victums w/o drowning themselves. its really hard to stay afloat while carrying someone else

  • J-Person

    SHE CAN’T DIE! I agree the show is a little soap opery, but it is good television. I bet Burke will die because of his… “rude” comments at the Goldne Globes. But merredith wont, I can tell. 🙂

  • Liz

    Ah, no, I think it was due to the shock of the cold water. There’s a specific term for it, which eludes me at the moment, blue something drowning, like if someone’s gone into really cold water they can still be revived because the cold shuts down their organs. Your body goes into paralysis supposedly, which is why she went under, she hit the water head first and the shock of the cold yada yada yada… I did find the rest of it a bit far fetched though… But it’s drama, it’s supposed to be, well, dramatic… I’ve got this feeling that borders on the ridiculous, that if it’s Meredith’s mother that dies, whilst they’re trying to bring Meredith back, Ellis appears in Seattle Grace’s Heaven’s Waiting Room and they get to make up and then Meredith starts to fade away, but not before Denny get’s to give her a message to pass onto his beloved… Ick…!!! But my feeling about Denny and Dylan was right, so y’know, anything’s possible…

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  • Any time, any way Kyle Chandler can get on the prime time airwaves, it’s a good thing. 😉

    Friday Night Lights is the best show on television today. If you haven’t, check it out.