HEROES Scoop — HRG Dishes on the Future of HEROES

This afternoon, Jack Coleman, better known to HEROES fans as the myseterious man with Horn Rimmed Glasses (or HRG for short) was kind enough to answer reporter’s questions about what viewers can expect in the final third of the HEROES season. theTVaddict.com found Mr. Coleman surprisingly candid when talking about the future of HRG and the challenges he’s about to face. Read on to discover some pretty great spoiler nuggets that will have HEROES addicts immediately scrambling to message boards across the internet to discuss the implications of HRG’s actions.

Mr. Coleman, firstly, the question that’s on everybody’s mind. How difficult was it to find that perfect pair of glasses?
We probably went through 100 pairs and when I say ‘we’, I mean the props department, the director and producers Tim Kring and Dennis Hammer. Everybody had an opinion.

Beyond the fact that they make me look like my father, it was nice to find the pair that felt right. The glasses do half the work. It’s amazing how much something like that helps me, as an actor, to become the character.

There’s the ‘Heroes’ pair, and a back up pair. When I have to wear the backup pair, it feels completely different.

Does it bother you at all that we’re talking about your glasses so much?
I don’t think it’s odd, the character’s name is ‘HRG.’ The glasses were a very big part of how the character was originally conceived. The glasses are a huge part of the look and who HRG is. It creates a wall, a veil, a fifties throw back. Of course if that’s all anyone is interested in, well maybe they’re missing the point.

Have you started seeing people wearing the glasses, in the same manner in which BEVERLY HILLS 90210 jump-started the sideburn craze?
I’m not sure I’ve set off a fashion craze, but I have seen them out there. They are somewhat anachronistic, you have to have a certain level of fashion courage to wear horn-rimmed glasses in this day and age. But I suppose there is a kind of hipness to being that retro.

Any chance you might endorse some glasses on the side?
I’m just waiting for the call to come in (laughs). I really haven’t thought about it in all honesty.

Okay, on to some questions HEROES fans are clamoring for. How does HRG justify his actions?
HRG sees himself as working for the greater good. Taking on a job that’s dirty, but has to be done. I think it’s sort of the same way that people can justify doing all kinds of things in their personal and professional lives. Unfortunately though, his ability to separate his personal and professional life is about to end.

In episode 17 there are a lot of big payoffs. We’ll learn a lot more about HRG’s back-story. We’ll flash back to see how HRG started in the company and how he came into possession of Claire. HRG will really have to make a decision and when he does, he takes a stand and it leaves viewers with a very, very, dramatic conclusion.

In the episode viewers will also get a better look into how the whole ‘memory erase’ works. Knowing that you can be discovered, yet still cover your tracks is a very addicting power (providing the Haitian is available of course!).

Will HRG’S relationship with Claire continue to deteriorate?
Again, in episode 17, a crisis will bring their relationship to a head. As twisted and deceitful as their relationship is, I believe that they ultimatily love eachother. I think it’s one of the bedrocks that HEROES is built on. I can’t imagine they’d ever really try and kill eachother. It’s much more of a domestic issue than that of a super hero one.

Does HRG have genuine feelings for Claire? Or does he see her as just an experiment?
There’s no doubt in my mind that the feelings HRG has towards Claire are genuine — and that they’re feelings that he’s tried to sublimate. He doesn’t want to be beholden to emotions and family, but he’s human and can’t just forget about his family connections.

Did HRG adopt Claire and discover she had powers? Or was adopting Claire part of his mission?
HRG took the job and then came into Claire. Episode 17 will show us how it happened and will lead HRG to make a choice that will change everything.

Was HRG at the fire that ‘killed’ Claire and her mom?
I don’t know if that will be answered, but I can tell you Claire’s mom was already a person of interest for HRG prior to the fire.

Is HRG a flat out bad guy?
I’ve certainly been set up as the ‘bad guy.’ But I think in future episodes, there’s going to be light shed on both his motivation and his loyalty. Future episodes will certainly broaden everyone’s understanding of who HRG is and what he’s trying to do. In some ways he’ll be more sympathetic, in other ways more horrific.

Will HRG’s family situation take his focus off of Sylar?
Most definitely. Something comes up that will super-cede the Sylar situation. Sylar will be off on his own wrecking havoc away from HRG, as HRG will have other things on his plate.

Do you know your character’s first name?
My personal preference would be Anthony, so that I could be Tony Bennett, but I don’t think that’s going anywhere! In one of the first drafts I read, there was a first name, but it was then removed partly because it stopped the scene cold in which it was delivered. I love the mystery.

You are certainly playing a character who’s not just good or bad, more specifically shades of gray.
I love the ambiguity, it’s what makes the character so interesting. The question I’m asked all the time is whether HRG is good or bad. Viewers want to know, to pigeon hole you, to figure out who you are and what you are. The fact is, HRG’s both good and bad and that’s what makes him so fascinating. People can do horrible things and come home and still love their children. Most of us live in a gray area, and it’s what makes HRG so tough to play.

Is HRG aware that the Haitian can speak??At the moment, No… but that tidbit rears its head very soon. Very very soon HRG becomes aware that the Haitian does indeed speak and it does cause a problem between the two of them.

What is the most challenging scene you’ve done so far on HEROES??Without giving too much away, probably doing a scene in Japanese — that was challenging. It took quite a bit of time to do and when I saw I’d have a page and a half of dialogue in Japanese, well that got my attention quickly!

Thank you so much for you time.
It was my pleasure.

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