Has anyone successfully been able to log onto Since Todd wore his ‘’ tshirt on last night’s episode of SCRUBS, this TV Addict has been feverishly trying to log on to find out what is all about. (At this point I can only imagine there are only links to Banana Hammock online stores and photos of The Todd shirtless.) If you’ve had success reaching, do us a favour and let us know what we’re missing.

[Update 12PM] is now up and running. As expected, it’s a WHOLE LOT OF TODD!

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  • I haven’t gotten it to run, and WHOIS says it is registered to ABC.

  • Well it makes sense that it’s registered to ABC, as they’re the studio that produces the show. But you woul have thought they’d be a little more on the ball with having the site up and all before the show aired last night.

  • Ah ha. That makes sense now. And it looks like the site is now working.

  • Katie

    hmm, i just tried to get on & all the website is is “Service Unavailable” Then just plain white. I figured it was just a fake website till I saw this.

  • amanda

    All it is, is a clip of him wearing nothing but that thong he always wears, screaming yeah and doing little moves to show off his bod. Its pretty dumb.

  • Todd

    But, he’s the Todd…

  • the todd

    the todd rocks! Internal head five

  • check out its his offical website and has some pretty good todd stuff on there.
    ~much love~
    Hollie Jayne McCarthy