REBA’S Curtain Call

reba series finale

If a television series comes to an end, and nobody watches… well thankfully for the cast and crew of REBA — is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Tonight at 7PM on the new CW, REBA ends its six year run as the WB’s longest running (and least publicized) sitcom with a special one hour episode. And since the CW hasn’t bothered to tell anyone, I thought I’d take a moment to remind you that REBA is still on the air, for one night only.

While REBA certainly didn’t break new ground in the land of sitcoms, it accomplished something that very few comedies manage to do — it made me laugh. Which is more then I can say for some of the awful shows that are still on the air. Yes, I’m talking to you TWO AND A HALF MEN.

Thanks Reba, Van, Cheyenne, Barbara Jean and Brock for the memories. See you in syndication heaven.

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  • DaddyBC

    I can’t believe it even lasted this long. IMHO it’s probably one of the top 10 worst shows. Right after Momma’s Family

  • Six years… and I’ve never seen a single episode. That’s gotta be some kind of accomplishment! And for as much television as I watch, maybe it’s something for CW to be proud of!

  • Common Sense

    Reba, Barbra Jean, Van & Cheyenne had some real comedic chops. And how funny is it that the ratings for the show The CW “didn’t want” are higher than the four Monday night comedies?? This has always been a delightful multi-generational sitcom, and why Dawn & Co. gave it the shaft is beyond me.

    Incidentally, the hilarious Steve Harvey Show ran for 7 seasons, making it The WB’s longest-running comedy. What a great show that was!!

    BTW: Regarding Britney’s new bald ‘do, can we expect the carpet/rug late-night jokes tomorrow night? Oh, those poor kids. The girl needs a padded room.

  • First joke on Britney you will here tomorrow….
    ‘Now we know she is shaved both top and bottom!”

    Regarding Reba, wonder how it will fare against the NBA All Star game.

  • Tim

    I’ve got a hunch the NBA allstar game and Reba have a slightly different audience.

  • brian birchall

    This show was simply the worst ever to air on Television. It was not funny in the least I hope it never shows again anywhere.

  • Beth

    I personally loved Reba. It was so funny and I’ll miss seeing it each week. For those of you who never watched it, you really missed out.

  • I loved Reba. I will miss it. The cast had a great dynamic. I can’t figure out who I liked Reba playing off of more – Barbara Jean or Van.

  • Patti

    I am going to miss Reba! I watch it every day on Lifetime. I hope some other network picks it up.

  • “Reba” has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and for six seasons I laughed along with this hilarious show. It does what few comedies on television do nowadays–manage to actually be funny. And not just physical comedy or PG-13 jokes. The show relied on pure comic talent and the delivery of very well-written and hysterical lines. The CW has made a lot of ridiculous choices in its time, and canceling “Reba” is definitely one of them.

  • My Name Is Jackie And I Love The Reba Show Iam Not Just Fan To Reba She Is My Best
    Friend I Ever Had And When I Found Out Her Show Was Cancell From CW My Heart Ache
    So Much My Heart Was Broken I Felt So Bad I Love Reba With All My Heart And I Would

    Like To Act Out Part On Her Show Iam Actress Myself And Iam Very Good In Acting
    I Wrote Out Script For Her Show And I Want Reba Herself To Read . That Is Why
    I Love Her I Even Wrote A Story About Her In The Down Syndrome Newsletter

    And I Want Her To Read On Her Show And I Want Her To Say To Me On Her Show Did
    I Tell You You Are My Favorite .

  • Travis Rew

    I loved that show, its on weekdays on the cw at 4 o’clock! i watch it everyday! the memoreies that show brings me will never compare to anything else. GO REBA. PS Barbra Jean is AWESOME!

  • Aiden

    Reba is my favorite comedy show, my whole damn family watches it! The plot line is hysterical, and it always makes me laugh, unlike most comedies. I’ve heard that the CW wants to cut Reba because it isn’t ‘hip’. Well guess what, CW, it is! And even if people actually use that word anymore, I can’t understand why you think that you are! None of the other shows are funny, yet Reba is, and the flipping CW is cutting it! It’s ridiculus! It makes no sense!

  • Linz

    This is one of my favorite shows. It is hilarious without being totally crude. It’s a good family show.

  • Ana

    At first I didn’t like it, but then I started to watch a show, after show, and I couldn’t wait to see the next one. I love it!!!! It’s so funny, so great show!!! I’m from Croatia, and in my country ”Reba” is still on TV. I hope it will still be for a long time!!!! You’re great!!!!!! All the actors are awesome!!!!! I really enjoy watching it! STILL!