You Be the Critic: THE WINNER

Do you lay awake at night dreaming of kidnapping TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello and stealing his job? Is your life long dream to receive television pilots early (or ‘screeners’ as they’re known in the industry) and be able to review them for millions to read? Are you a fan of both THE DAILY SHOW and FAMILY GUY? Well then, have we got a treat for you. wants you to be the first to check out FOX’S new mid-season series starring Rob Corddry (THE DAILY SHOW). THE WINNER is a new comedy from FAMILY GUY’s Seth MacFarlane and Ricky Blitt. The show follows Glen Abbott (Corddry), who is truly the biggest kid on the block. The show proves that growing up isn’t just for kids anymore and gives hope to late-bloomers everywhere as Glen embarks on his “wonder years” at the tender age of 32.

To check out full episodes for free online, head on over to FOX’s web site by clicking here.

Oh, and one more thing — Keep in mind that being a television critic isn’t simply about getting paid to watch endless hours of television, Emmy parties and celebrity hobnobbing. Be sure to return to and post away with your thoughts on the show. Minimum 50 words, double spaced, and don’t even try and widen those margins! We’ve read enough papers in our time to know when a student is trying to take the easy way out.

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  • Brynhildur

    this is of course only for people in the US…

  • To quote Homer Simpson, “D’OH”

  • zager

    4 episodes are online before the premier? or just the pilot?

  • It appears to me that four episodes are online, but sadly, since I’m in Canada — I can’t watch any of them.

  • I don’t need 50 words. I only need 2.

    God awful.

  • Umm.. Tim G — this review counts towards a large part of your final grade, and the words ‘Tim’ and ‘G’ do not count towards your word count — neither does the date! Care to elaborate?