Please Tune into STUDIO 60 Tonight!

Dear Fellow TV Addicts,

For over a year now has been providing you — my beloved reader — with television news, reviews, commentary, cartoons, podcasts and video without asking for anything in return. Tonight, I’m calling in my chips, I need a favour.

Please tune into STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP this evening at 10PM on NBC. Next week, a new series, THE BLACK DONNELLYS will be airing in its place, and the peackock network has yet to say when (or if) STUDIO 60 will return. The Aaron Sorkin drama deserves a far better fate and love it or loathe it, the show is far better then 75% of what’s on television.

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  • tdot

    plz, give us this weeks podcast!!

  • I agree.

    It is a good show and deserves a chance to fix the things that are wrong with it.

  • valerie

    Is there a write in that I can sign to keep it on the air. It’s the most intelligent and quick show on TV.

  • Valerie, thanks for asking… check out…

  • wendy

    This is the most intelligent show on television…the writing is superb…I hope NBC will allow this show to continue…it is absolutely my favorite show!!!! It took Northern Exposure, an equally great show, some time to catch on. Is everyone out there “Brain Dead” … let’s hope not! Save “Studio 60”!!!!

  • Karen

    Absolutely will be yet another bad move on the part of NBC to let Studio 60 lose steam – it truly is one of the most intelligent – witty and creative shows on any network!! I often wondered about it’s demographic though – too sophisticated for it’s position on the food chain of televison viewers.

  • brian birchall

    the show should be canned

  • Snowman

    The show was given numerous chances and continued to let its audience down each episode. I am a huge Sorkin fan and could not watch past episode 4. Intelligence does not equal good television. This was just not a good show and furthermore it reeked of arrogance and pretension. Sorkin did himself in so stop blaming the viewers.

    I can’t wait for the Black Donnellys and the writing of another genius scriptwriter.

  • bob

    Come to terms with it:
    STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP gets extremely low ratings even after being moved to a softer time slot with a great lead-in show and has a high production cost (~$3 million an episode). They are pulling the show during the last week of February sweeps, does that not tell you something? Put the nail in its coffin; it is not coming back next year even if it comes back this season.

    THE BLACK DONNELLYS on another note looks much more interesting to me personally. It has a Boondock Saints look to it.

    People are just not interested in SNL related shows whether they are comedies or dramas. I don’t blame them because SNL sucks itself.

  • Linda B.

    Hey, i like 30 Rock!

    I tried watching the first episode of Studio 60 and was bored. i enjoyed the first part w/ what Judd Hirsch’s character did, but the rest of the episode didn’t hook me in. I thought about giving it more of a chance, but i watch waaayyy too much tv as it is, and didn’t have the time to watch something that was ehhh, okay.

  • Blake!

    I’ve tuned in, and tuned in, and tuned in some more, but I just can’t take it anymore. This show is AWFUL. I wanted so badly to love it, but I can’t love a show where I don’t like ANY of the characters. Now, on Arrested Development, the Bluths were not especially likeable, but they were FUNNY! How many freaking times must I see Harriet Hayes break up with Matt Albie? I just can’t care about any of these people! I’m the most die-hard athiest I know, and even I am sick of them bashing Christians!

  • Danielle

    I am a huge fan of this show. Please don’t let it go the way of “Sports Night” It’s too bad that people can’t appreciate a show that doesn’t spoon feed you everything and actually makes you pay attention to it.; I guess that’s why there is so much crap out there on TV these days. It’s ridiculous how the industry only caters to people who like crap!

    Also, to anyone who was a West Wing fan (another Aaron Sorkin show that took awhile to catch on with viewers) did anyone else catch the the name of the law firm the Sexual Harrassment lawyer worked for? Gage Whitney was the firm that Sam on the West Wing worked for when he left the White House. Thought that was funny!

  • Danielle, I did catch the Gage Whitney reference too. 😉 I thought it sounded familiar. Your comment confirms I was right.

    I like Studio 60, but I don’t love it. It’s an interesting concept with excellent acting, directing, cinematography, casting, sets, and music. Unfortunately, the writing is hit and miss. The dialogue is always rich and articulate like the West Wing, but the stories aren’t always that interesting. They never could get the humor for the comedy sketches to actually be funny, and the show within the show never seemed like anything more than an SNL clone.

    I think Danny & Jordan make a cute couple; however, that storyline seemed to come out of nowhere. The Matt/Harriet relationship seems a little frustrating, but if they pick a direction with them and stick to it, maybe that would get better too.

    I like it just barely enough to tune in to a 2nd season, if one is made. But, I’m skeptical that it will materialize. If it’s canceled, I’ll be a little disappointed, but I think I’ll get over it quickly too.

  • it’s a good show, but not my favorite new show (HELLO FNL!). i liked the first episode, and the succeeding ones; but america doesn’t tune in. it’s essentially out of our control. it’s still a good show to lose this early. if it were to be axed, i would be sad for a bit; but it’s not a show i’m hanging on to right now. i would be more devastated if FNL or VM were cancelled.

  • gerry vanderpyl

    The show is simply horrid. It should have been cancelled at pilot stage.

  • Jennifer

    As much as I love a Sorkin show, and I was very excited for studio 60, I have to say it was a bit full of itself – the setting just didn’t command the same respect as a political show (aka the west wing), I suppose. Nate Corddry was a welcome addition though, and I thought sarah paulson was fabulous…………..let’s see how the black donnellys fares.