Celebrating THE OC Series Finale

This week, theTVaddict.com celebrates THE OC ending its four year run this Thursday at 9PM on FOX. Today we’ll start off by hearing from some of the stars themselves.

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  • Jericho

    hey I really like your little space about the OC :), I knew from the beginning that the OC was something wonderful, and it was, it was a brief time in my life where I could relate to what I was watching in regards to my tv drama career, sure I’m a big fan of LOST, ER, CSI but the OC I could relate to so much. I could feel the feelings the cast were going through because I’ve been through a lot of it. And I’m not ashamed to admit this, I cried when the show ended. I have the whole series on DVD and every week I pick a day when i’m off work sit down and watch my most favorite episodes. For me the OC was amazingly down to earth. And I miss it terribly every day. But at least I have the memories. I loved the OC. 🙂