HEROES: What An Ending!

How phenomenal was last night’s final few minutes of HEROES? A super-powered fight, a death, a hostage crisis, a Stan Lee cameo! (Hiro’s bus driver in case you were wondering). Honestly, can HEROES get any better? It can but we’ll get to that later.

First off — Peter Petrelli finally stopped whining and started to use his powers for good. How fantastic was it to watch Peter use his plethora of powers as he confronted Isaac about Simone. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and it turns out that a full on superhero confrontation may not have been the best idea. Simone is dead, and while it didn’t take Hiro’s time traveling ability to guess that Simone’s death was coming a mile away (What exactly was her purpose on the show?), it was still pretty surprising to see it all go down.

The irony about Simone is that in death, she’ll add far more to the show than she ever could have accomplished being alive. Her death will trigger battle-lines to be drawn. Heroes will have to pick sides, with Peter and Isaac definitely on opposing ones.

Speaking of sides, Matt Parkman has finally decided to get some answers and kick some serious HRG butt in the process. His decision to take the Bennett family hostage (along with Hana and Ted) will no doubt lead to a phenomenal episode next week. Expect to learn a lot more about the mysterious HRG and his back-story (Click here for theTVaddict.com’s interview with HRG last week where he spills some interesting scoop about next week’s episode.) Nice to see the writers finally integrating the underutilized Greg Grunberg into the main story and giving him something interesting to do.

And finally, a question for my fellow HEROES addicts. How much do we know about the other Bennett child? Is it possible that in an extremely dangerous situation, such as say a hostage crisis, young Lyle may exhibit a power of his own? Stay Tuned…

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  • Petunia04

    Actually it was PETER not Nathan who has learned to control his powers and confronted Isaac.

  • I think you mean Peter, not Nathan.

    This was a fantastic EP. But I’m not sold that Simone is dead yet. We saw her shot and dying, but Peter is a Nurse and he can fly her to the hospital. She may also have powers of her own, though I doubt it. It’s a good bet that she’s dead, but TV Guide has hinted that the person “dying” will still be around on the show. I’m not ruling out her being alive, but if I had to place a bet I’d say she’s a goner.

    As for Lyle (the other Bennet kid), I’m also wondering if he’ll end up with powers. So far he’s just been annoying. He was also missing for several episodes, though they do mention him. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with if they do give him powers. He could easily become a bad guy, what with Dad playing favorites with Claire. That could be a very interesting story line.

  • Chrispian,

    Good point about Simone. Which character do you think’s dying next week. My guess, Claire’s Mom. They need a reason to have Claire run away from Odessa Texas and join up with some of the other HEROES… killing off Mommy Bennett is the ideal solution.

  • Mommy was my favorite to die last night, but after hearing what the doctor said I think she’s going to make it. It would be a good motivator if she bit the bullet, but she also has her real Dad to chase after. I also think they could kill off her buddy Zach, but I’m beginning to think that the people around Claire are safe for the time being. She’s much more likely to have a rough time with HRG if she has someone left to protect.

    I don’t think anyone will die next week 😉 I was actually kind of taken off guard when someone died tonight. They promise a death every week it seems, lol. I had read somewhere that the actual death wouldn’t take place until march. And Simone isn’t dead yet, so if someone dies next episode it could still be her! They love doing things like that on the show.

    I can’t think of anyone who would make sense to die in the next episode. In the near future though I think Zach and Mommy are still likely, as is Claude Rains, Ted, and *maybe* Ando. I don’t think any of the main heroes are in any danger so far this season. I hope they don’t go the lost route and start killing of main characters just to prove the situation is grave. It’s much more interesting with super heroes to see them lose the people around them as they learn that even with powers they can’t save everyone. It’s a fundamental pillar of super hero story telling and much more interesting than watching the heroes themselves die. You save that for later when you need to bring in fresh blood! 😉

  • North

    Actually, you can chalk off “Dale/super hearing woman” as a death…

  • JennyC

    This show just gets better and better. I am not surprised at Simone getting killed, but by Isaac…now that was a surprise. Also, the new character brought an exciting element to the show. She resolved what those things in their neck signify. I hope that the Nikki/Jessica saga could conclude already. I can’t wait to find out the origins of Claire. Maybe the person behind the paper company that is orchestrating what HRG does, is probably like a Professor Xavier or Magneto.

  • Sam

    Agreed/everyone=all I’m going to say or else risk foaming at the mouth of last night’s AWESOME episode.

  • tdot

    I loved last nights episode. it was OMG good. Peter flying was soo cool. Hey was peter mentor only a guset spot?!
    When is mohinder gonna realize that sylar is BAD!!!