More Free TV Shows on iTunes

As you know by now, nothing makes this TV Addict happier then free iTunes television downloads. Okay, a few things make me happier, but seriously free stuff rocks. So here it goes, a quick guide to what’s new and free on iTunes.

Hoping to expand its audience, CBS is offering up the first episode of RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, a funny yet somewhat generic CBS sitcom. But don’t let me tell you what to watch, click here to judge for yourself. MTV is giving us the first episode of the new season of THE HILLS [click here]. And FOX is trying something that’s never been done before (and while I applaud them for their innovation, they lose marks for not giving us a free taste). You can now download — before they air — their entire first season of their newest show — THE WINNER. Click here to check out all six episodes.

Also new to iTunes today is EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, ROBOT CHICKEN and GIRLFRIENDS (seven years on the air and I’ve yet to see an episode!)

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