A Few Announcements…

Shocking news from theTVaddict himself. I won’t be able to Live Blog LOST tonight! Unfortunately, I’ll actually be (gasp!) (dramatic pause) (wait for it) away from my television. That said, I’ll be PVRing it and will be writing down my thoughts first thing tomorrow morning.

2) theTVaddict.com Podcast
Those of you who listen to our podcast (and we thank you!) may have noticed that we didn’t post a podcast last week. Honest to God we had a podcast ‘in the can’ as they say in the industry, but unfortunately I screwed up and erased it. Rest assured, Ari’s coming over tomorrow for a new podcast and I’ll 100% have it posted on Friday.

3) Seriously? OMG WTF?
My good friend at Seriously? OMG WWTF? has moved her blog. Gossip fanatics can check out her new blog by clicking here.

4) Contest WINNERS!
This has been a long time coming, but theTVaddict.com is finally ready to annouce our contest winners of the three contests we ran in January! (seriously, sorry for the delay — I simply watch too much TV).

The two winners of THE SOPRANOS Season 6 on DVD are ‘Liz’ and ‘Tim G’

The two winners of THE KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY tshirts are ‘turkelton’ and ‘Courtney’

The winner of the WILDFIRE contest is ‘lucyvanpelt’

Winners should check their email to find they received an email from theTVaddict. If you didn’t, check your junk mail! If you still haven’t received it… email me at info@thetvaddict.com. Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for more great contests soon!

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  • Liz


    I thought something was wrong with my itunes when I wasn’t getting my weekly fix of Ari and Dan. I have this schedule of podcasts, starting with TVguide on Friday, the Channel Surfers, and then some Lost and Ugly Betty, and maybe Veronica Mars, then end it with NPR and TVaddict.

    PS. I thought the last podcast was one of the best I’ve heard from you guys. And Ari, I agree, you MUST do a musical podcast.

  • plinstrot

    Attention DANIEL!!!!

    Just download the following freeware program to to undelete files! Even if they’re gone from the recycle bin!!!