FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS — hands down the season’s best new drama. Tune in tonight (8PM on NBC). Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t believe me, this TV Addict doesn’t mess around. I’ve got references. Check out this recent email:

TV Addict, I can’t thank you enough for last season’s praise of “Everwood.” It got me incredibly excited to finally see the show when it came to ABC Family last October. Now that the cycle is over, I wish I could travel back to last summer and jump on that ferris wheel. 🙂 I’ve been able to relive every one of your day-after critiques and coverage of the cancellation through your archives and it’s been a lot of fun. “Everwood” has been a great experience, and its end has been a tough pill to swallow see the details of my grief here, lol), but I sincerely thank you for convincing me to tune in. And thanks for the fantastic site. ~T. Paul

Take that Michael Ausiello! But seriously folks, the TV addict knows his stuff and I would never steer my readers in the wrong direction (say to ACCORDING TO JIM!). Tune into FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS tonight and thank me later.

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  • Tonya

    TV addict–
    After weeks of telling us how great FNL and Brothers & Sisters, I finally sat down and watched both, and now I am hooked! These are two great shows that are both on my list of favs thanks to you…Unfortunately, the extra 2 hours add to already over flowing amount of tv that I am watching each week–but they are totally worth it!!

  • Tonya, FNL and BROTHERS & SISTERS are completely worth your two hours. Think about this way. You have all of June/July/August and most of December to have a life!

  • Tonya

    Spoken like a true tv addict:)

  • Thelma

    Hi TV Addict,

    I just want to thank you for talking about Friday Night Lights so much. When it moved to Wednesday, I finally started watching the program. I love it and am enjoying getting to know the characters. Thanks for letting me know about a great show.

  • gerry vanderpyl

    I think this show dramatizes everything that is wrong with America. No thank you Friday Night Lights!

  • Liz

    Wait, if I may ask, how so? I think FNL is one of the most realistic tv dramas, especially if you compare it to other teen angst dramas like One Tree Hill or some of the candid reality shows on MTV. It’s true that the show dramatizes certain aspects of American culture, and in particular the youth culture, but I don’t see how it’s any different from other countries, nor do I necessarily see it highlighting what’s wrong with America. And It IS a drama, so if there wasn’t any conflict involved, there would be no show.

    Overall I gave this episode an A+. I’m glad Ausiello said FNL had good chances of being renewed.

  • Gerry Vanderpyl,

    I have to disagree with you completely.

    FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS gives perhaps the most honest portrayal of parent – child relationships on TV. Unlike that other sports teenage drama ONE TREE HILL — FNL portrays parents who are flawed but genuinely caring. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton provide for perhaps the most realistic, loving and entertaining parents (as well as school authorities) on television.

    The show doesn’t dramatize everything that is wrong with America. It simply shows us what is happening in our small towns, schools and sports fields. Albeit in a slightly more dramatic fashion (this is afterall TV)