Is VERONICA MARS Coming to an End?

Attention VERONICA MARS fans: Thanks to a tip from theTHEATREaddict, this TV Addict must begrudgingly report today that Ms. Mars herself — Kristen Bell — has been offered the lead in the upcoming Broadway production of XANADU, expected to open this spring in New York. Kristen accepting an offer to star in XANADU may not be a positive sign for those waiting on a fourth season renewal for VERONICA MARS. Is it time for the obligatory ‘Save Our Mars’ campaign to kick into high gear? Stay Tuned…

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  • Tim

    I hope not. If anything, she’s taking her summer break to do Broadway. One can hope. Tim aka College Virgin

  • This just means she’d be doing the show over hiatus. Lots of celebrities do limited runs on broadway shows. I wouldn’t say this is the final nail by any means.

  • Well I can tell you that MARS starts shooting in July, which doesn’t give Ms. Bell a lot of time on Broadway. That said, I wonder if the CW is planning a shorter fourth season starting in January — no repeats ala 24…. just something to think about…

  • Thelma

    I hope that this doesn’t mean the end of my favorite show Veronica Mars. I know that a lot of celebs to limited runs on Broadway and if Veronica Mars has already shot most of this season’s episodes then it could put her doing the show from late March or early April to July. I have heard of celebs taking a role that runs for that long.

    As far as the Save Veronica Mars bandwagon. It couldn’t hurt. I just wish the CW would start promoting the show. This show and Supernatural seem to be the least promoted shows on the network.

    We just have to keep a positive attitude and enjoy the show while we can and hope for a very long series run.

  • JennyP

    Long Live Veronica Mars!

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