VERONICA MARS: A Shocking Death

Sheriff Lamb is dead… I didn’t see that coming. Sure he was incompetent, rarely solved a case and in was generally a thorn — albeit a hilarious one — in Veronica’s side. But beneath it all he was a great member of the massively dysfunctional town that is Neptune.

As the saying goes, with every cloud there’s a silver lining. Sheriff Lamb’s death makes way for the incomparable Sheriff Keith Mars. And with Keith in charge, odds are cases — such as the Dean’s murder —may actually be solved.

But before we continue, a voice from beyond the grave.’s Amrie contacted the dearly departed Sheriff Lamb, or more specifically, actor Michael Muhney who portrays him after last night’s episode. When she told Michael how upset viewers were and how much he’ll be missed, Michael had this to say:

“It’s nice to see so much support already pouring in when it was a hairy situation in early January.  It’s been hard keeping this kind of secret to myself… Honestly, I’m glad it’s out now. No more worrying.”

Sheriff Lamb, you’ll be missed. But perhaps you can take solace in the fact that your death provided for possibly the best episode of VERONICA MARS this season. How nice was it to see Veronica’s friends actually enjoying themselves? Logan, Parker, Mac and her new boyfriend — they were all happy, smiling and for once, not burdened by murder, rape or scandal. It was almost therapeutic to see the characters we’ve come to know and love have fun for once. Note to Mr. Rob Thomas, more of that please.

Mac, a little surprised you gave it up so quickly. But hey, who am I to judge? Logan, your one liners last night were classic, but my favourite of all was definitely “Am I the only one who misses good old Melville Dewey?” And finally, it wouldn’t be much of a VERONICA MARS wrap-up without some thoughts on Veronica. Loved everything about her last night. She was smart, feisty and not surprisingly, hilarious in jail. thisTVaddict’s only question. With Mars Investigation seemingly closed? What’s Veronica going to do for an after school job?

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  • Brynhildur

    why did you out that in the first sentence?!?!

  • Common Sense


    THAT one was right out of left-field, for sure.

  • mohammad

    it all happened WAYY to quick in my opinion
    in the first couple of seasons they wuold have stretched that a bit like they did in season 2 with the election.

    maybe veronica will take over?
    ughh it feels so letswrapeverythingupish