Another Favourite OC Memory: Ryan and Marissa’s First Moment

The moment I knew THE OC was going to be something special was this opening scene (see video above). Marissa and Ryan meeting for the first time and (gasp!) smoking. On television you’ll notice (or at least you will from now on) that kids can drink excessively, sleep with whomever they want, do drugs until they OD — but the one thing you’ll never see them do is smoke. This scene set the tone for a different kind of show and an incredible first season of THE OC.

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  • Enough already! The show had one good season stop treating this like the end of the Cosby Show or Melrose Place.

  • Red

    Thanks TVaddict. This is awesome what you are doing for The O.C., and it is well deserved by them for having an amzing run. Welcome to the end of an era, bitch!

  • Mr. Brightside

    Yeah, Red is right. Thank you so much. It’s really an end of an era. 90210, The Creek, The O.C. There better be a replacement! Could it be Hidden Palms?

  • I’m very much looking forward to Hidden Palms (the new CW show from Kevin Williamson of DAWSON’S CREEK fame). As soon as I have info, a screener, or photos I’ll be sure to post them.

  • Geri

    I saw the first cut of Hidden Palms and I was quite disappointed. I am sure they will work on it but so far it does look like a show for 13-year-olds. Plus the characters are very unsympathetic especially the adults.

    It will probably struggle since the show is too much of evrything, it´s comedy, it´s drama, it´s dramedy, it´s noirish. I am not sure this will work but you never know.

  • I dont know a lot of english but I just want to know WHYYYY THE O.C. END??????? Can someone response that question??? PLEASEEEEE!!! thank you.