J.J. Abrams Directs Tonights Episode of THE OFFICE

With J.J. Abrams — the genius behind ALIAS, FELICITY and LOST — directing tonight’s installment of THE OFFICE (8:30PM NBC), a few obvious questions immediately come to mind:

1) What secret government organization is ‘Dunder Mifflin’ a front for?
2) Is it possible Dwight really does work for the CIA? or SD6?
3) Is Michael Ryan’s real father?
4) Who will Pam choose? Ben or Noel, err… I mean Jim or Roy?

And finally, the most obvious question of all. How is it that J.J. can make time to direct an episode of THE OFFICE but hasn’t found the time to direct an episode of LOST since the first season?

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  • turkelton

    dwight is definately a spy for SD6

  • h

    Amen to that last statement. Was complaining about that just tonight. Hello Mr. Abrams? Do you remember that show that your name is on every week? People stuck on an Island? Ring a bell?

  • Common Sense

    All I know is, tonight when Jan introduced Michael to the homeowner, and Michael’s first words were: “Jan and I are lovers”….I had a mouthfull of pretzel and peanut butter, and came as close as I ever have to uncontrollably spitting food across the room. This episode was frikkin hilarious (as usual)!!!!

  • While I really did enjoy tonight’s episode – my ‘spit out my food from laughing’ moment came during HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Barney’s play of torture had me laughing so hard.

  • brian birchall

    I dislike it when shows are copied from other countries. so unimaginative. I do like cowboy poetry though.