LOST: The Big Mystery Finally Solved

ABC’s marketing department promised us answers and boy did we get them! In fact, the big questions on every fans mind were finally answered. The connection between Darhma and the Others? Nope. The story behind that ancient foot? Not quite. The reason Locke’s in a wheelchair? Most definitely not! The big answer we finally received was, well, umm… What was the story behind Jack’s ‘mysterious’ tattoo.

Well after watching last night’s installment of LOST, I’m quite disappointed to report that ‘the story’ wasn’t nearly as interesting as it could have been and as far as this TV addict could see — had little to no relevance to what’s really happening on the island.

Yet again we got a Jack flashback, which essentially told us the same thing we’ve learned from every other Jack flashback since day one. Jack’s a leader, he likes to act as the saviour for helpless woman and he’s on some kind of journey of discovery. Talk about must see TV.

That said, with my new mantra of just ‘shut up and enjoy’ there were a few things that I really found interesting about the episode.

• The introduction of a new somewhat evil Other named Isabel. The island’s sheriff, second in command? Judge? Who knows. I’m sure we’ll find out three seasons from now.

• The fact that Karl has never heard of THE BRADY BUNCH. It could mean he was born on the island. Who in the world hasn’t heard of THE BRADY BUNCH?

• That not so surprising revelation (considering it was in the promos) that Cindy and the children are still alive and are ‘watchers’. What exactly are they watching? Definitly not THE BRADY BUNCH.

• The Dharma logo — or what looked like the Dharma logo — on the podium inside the meeting discussing Juliette’s verdict.

• The real motives of Juliette. Who’s side is she really on? Again, we’ll find that out in probably three years.

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  • Throughout the 2nd season, I continued to give the show the benefit of the doubt that we would eventually begin to get answers in interesting ways and at a faster pace, if we were just patient.

    However, after last night’s episode, I’m quite a bit closer to the getting-impatient camp. Once again, we see no 815ers except Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. I’m getting a bit tired of Kate, I’ve never liked Sawyer, and Jack gets too much screen time as it is. All his flashback told us was how & where (but not necessarily when) he got his tattoo, and even that didn’t make total sense.

    Why were the locals shunning Jack just for getting a tattoo? Maybe the reasoning was explained and I just missed it, I don’t know. Near the end of the episode, I started to lose interest and almost went to sleep.

    Granted, we’ve come a long way from thinking the Others were ragged, ruthless savages who killed people they abducted. However, we’re still not much closer to learning why they abducted people, what they want with those people, what their “lifestyle” or work is all about, why they brainwash people, or how they justify their bizarre, cryptic, deceptive, and often violent actions.

    In their official Lost podcast, executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof continue to empathize with viewers’ frustrations and guarantee that answers are coming. I still get the feeling of being strung along by them. Granted, I wouldn’t want every mystery explained in one or two episodes or the show would be over already. But the revelation-to-mystery ratio continues to be frustratingly low.

    We’re not quite at the half-way point of the season, so I’ll still be patient a little while longer, but not by much.

  • Todd. I’m sure we’ll find out why the locals were shunning Jack in two years. I feel as though the final episode will play out like THE USUAL SUSPECTS…. as the coffee cup shatters… we’ll flash back through five years of LOST and everything will make sense.

  • Sam

    We missed you last night for live chat. I was less excited about the episode last night because of it for some reason, lol.

    Juliette is a ‘black widow’, I’m calling it now. She loves to play helpless to get people to do things for her that she can’t or is unwilling to do herself, consequences be damned.

  • whiny

    stop crying please !!

  • I couldn’t be closer to just giving up this show, and for someone who compulsively watches anything with a continuing storyline, that’s saying something. This was yet another episode which didn’t bother to even give us a glimpse of Charlie, Claire, Hurley, et al. Yet another episode that promised stunning revelations and gave us… not-so-stunning revelations. They introduced yet MORE characters we don’t care about without focusing on the ones we do. I won’t be a bit surprised if the ratings – already down quite a bit this season – continue to free-fall. That whole final sequence, with Jack and Juliet on the boat and the music swelling… I kept thinking, “Okay, we’re about to see something stunning. We’re about to see where they actually live and it’ll be a shocker.” But no, the cliffhanger was… that there was no cliffhanger. Seeing as HEROES is consistently giving us good storylines and great cliffhangers that leave you wanting more, it’s easy to see why LOST is losing its audience. This isn’t the show I signed up for.