When talking about the Cohen family of Newport Beach it’s only appropriate to throw in some Jewish terminology. This is afterall the family that brought back schmeared bagels, the ‘nanna’, passover and Chrismukkah to network television. So we’ll start off today’s farewell tribute to THE OC by saying SHALOM. Which in case you aren’t familiar with the Jewish language, means ‘Good-bye’ in Hebrew (as well as ‘hello’ and ‘peace’). Be sure to check back all day with as we reminisce about our favourite OC moments and don’t forget to tune into THE OC series finale at 9PM tonight on FOX (or 7PM on CTV in Canada).

To get us started, here’s a classic kiss that will never be forgotten. Least of all by Sony’s lawyers who should be suing THE OC for blatant plagiarism!

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  • Mr. Brightside

    CTV is too dumb to actually air the episode tonight in favor of American Idol, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy and ER. God forbid they pre-empt any of those. Instead, The O.C. will be streaming online at 7pm and then air on CTV this Saturday.

    Looks like we’ll be watching FOX! Everyone should boycott the CTV online feed!

  • As much as I like to bash OC for their poor treatment of Veronica Mars, Nip/Tuck, Everwood… the list goes on, I really can’t blame them for pre-empting THE OC in favour of the juggernauts that are IDOL, CSI and GREY’S.

    In fact, I’d like to give CTV kudos for actually providing the show online for fans who may not have access to FOX.

  • John

    “As much as I like to bash OC for their poor treatment of Veronica Mars…”

    The OC?!?!

  • Sorry, what I meant to say is…

    “As much as I’d like to bash CTV for their poor treatment…..”