We Preview Stewie’s New Talk Show

In a brilliant marketing movie, FOX has given Stewie (of FAMILY GUY Fame) his own talk show. UP LATE, a ten minute animated talk show parody starring Stewie, Brian and celebrity guest Rob Corddry goes live on MySpace this Sunday evening at 8PM.

UP LATE will begin streaming Sunday, February 25 at 8pm ET/5pm PT on MySpace.com and remain on the portal indefinitely. Sneak preview clips are currently posted on MySpace, YouTube and other video sites. Remarked Ricky Blitt, former “Family Guy” writer and creator of “The Winner”

While all of America awaits with baited breath to see if Ryan Gosling wins an Oscar, I hope they’ll turn on their computers and watch “Up Late” to see Stewie and Brian do skits, interviews, and a topical monologue about Leah Remini’s genitalia. Yes, “Up Late’ is a classy tribute to late night talk shows and a love letter to my own parents, though even I’m not sure what the hell that means.

Of course with the good news invariably comes the backlash. And theTVaddict.com has learned from sources deep within Hollywood that not all animated television stars are pleased with Stewie’s success. Rumour has it that a certain yellow sponge is seething with jealous — having tried unsuccessfully for years to launch his own talk show. Needless to say he’s now looking to jump ship from CAA (his current Hollywood agent), sighting poor representation for this latest career setback. Obviously theTVaddict.com will be the first to report if anything develops. Stay Tuned…

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  • J

    anyone have a link for this myspace page for up late with stewie

  • Tim

    So is this a one shot thing or will they keep doing episodes after the first one?

  • Nicole

    I hope this is more than one episode becuase it sounds awesome.

  • tineygerm

    family guy is always brilliant!

  • Nazeeh Rai

    Family Guy is the best thing ever happened to TV itself , I’ve seen it all , No one can ever come up with so much funny stuff , i hope i can see Season 1007 of it on this network.