Career Advice for the Cast of THE OC

With Princess Sparkle and Captain Oats galloping off into the sunset following last night’s series finale of THE OC it’s time for the cast to get realistic. This is Hollywood, and you’re only as good as your last hit. So as a public service, we at thought we’d offer up some sound career advice for our favorite dislocated Newport residents. Not everyone can be as fortunate as Melinda Clarke, who, in true Julie Cooper style, has already moved on now that CBS has cast her in the LL Cool J pilot THE MAN. So to help ensure that last night’s finale wasn’t the last time we’d see the cast, we selected four deserving individuals upon whom to shower our worldly advice… free of charge! ‘Cause we’re just that generous.

Forget Seth’s Emo wardrobe, pop culture references and comic books. It’s time to show us you can actually act. We’ve watched your career since GILMORE GIRLS, and lets face it, you’re ‘playing’ yourself. It’s time to stretch your wings, challenge yourself and take on a character that doesn’t know the difference between the Millennium Falcon and the Starship Enterprise.

REAL-LIFE ROLE MODEL: Take a page from Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s playbook (or better yet, hire his agent!) After daring turns in Brick and Mysterious Skin, this perennial Sundance favorite has already made us forget his early role as troubled David Collins on NBC’s failed attempt to re-launch DARK SHADOWS.

After four years in THE OC, there’s two emotions we’re sure you’ve mastered: teenage angst and brooding anger. Why not channel that emotion into a daring low-budget film and transforms yourself into an indie darling. Drug dealer, Iraqi veteran, psychotic — anything to make fans forget that you were the boy from Chino. Rest assured, once you’ve built up your indie cred, offers will come pouring in, and you’ll have your pick of Jerry Bruckheimer billion-dollar blockbusters.

REAL-LIFE ROLE MODEL: Johnny Depp started his career on 21 JUMP STREET and then made such interesting career moves as playing schlock director Ed Wood. Where is he now? Rolling in dubloons thanks to the wildly successful Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise.

Having seen you in Noises Off, we know you’re a classically trained actor who could no doubt head back to Broadway and star in any play you’d like. But let’s face it: You’ve been on the west coast for four seasons, and your family loves the weather. Might we humbly suggest a Sandy-centric O.C. spinoff? Think John Grisham’s The Street Lawyer with the heart of THE WEST WING.

REAL-LIFE ROLE MODEL: Hmmm… Broadway actor turned television star. Look no further than Victor Garber. Seems a fair comparison… even if he doesn’t have your eyebrows!

Seeing as you almost single-handedly helped pump new energy into the final post-Marissa (sob!) season of THE O.C., we saved you – the best – for last. We fell in love with Taylor and for the most part feel robbed that we only got to spend a partial season with you. Fortunately, FOX’s loss could be ABC’s gain. With the alphabet network preparing to launch a GREY’S ANATOMY spinoff, we’d love nothing more than to see you scrub in as a fiesty young intern.

REAL-LIFE ROLE MODEL: Why follow in anyone’s footsteps? You’re a break-out star who’s ready to… well, break out!

Two words: WONDER WOMAN. Your best chance to be remembered as THE OC’S ‘Break-Out’ star.

REAL LIFE ROLE MODELS: Keri Russell or Jennifer Garner. What do these talented women all have in common? They all started their career on television and you never hear about them hanging out with the likes of Lindsey, Paris, Britney and your old co-star Mischa.

Will Adam Brody’s career follow the path of Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Dustin “Screech” Diamond? Will Rachel Bilson finally be cast in the ‘WONDERful’ role she was born to play? Post away with your thoughts.

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  • Wow. I totally agree with your ideas for Autmn Reeser and Rachel Bilson. I’d like to see Reeser play someone with special powers on Heroes. Bilson will probably movie on to movies.

    I think Peter Gallagher should guest star as Harry Dresden’s brother on The Dresden Files. Has anyone else noticed that Peter Gallagher and Paul Blackthorne have almost the exact same voice (plus, prominent eyebrows)?

    Also, Peter Gallagher would make an excellent Other on Lost.

    What about Kelly Rowan? Any ideas for where she could go next? I think both she and Peter Gallagher would make excellent recurring characters as opposing council on Boston Legal. Rowan might also be good on any of ABC’s Thursday night shows.

    Would any of these actors fit well on a future sci-fi series, such as a possible Stargate or Star Trek spinoff, the eventual Star Wars live action series, or BSG’s probable prequel series Caprica?

  • Todd, did you see Melinda Clarke’s fantastic turn as a space pimp (burlesque house owner) on FIREFLY?

  • Geri

    Michelle Williams. George Clooney….and for the love of God: Hilary Swank (her acting was terrible on 90210).

    Everything is possible these days so good luck to the cast of the OC.

  • Frank

    Melinda Clarke aslo played burlesque owner Lady Heather on CSI Vegas for a few episodes back in seasons 1 & 2..strange pattern of roles, i wonder if shes trying to tell us something

  • Yeah, I did see Clarke in Firefly. I’m thinking that was one of the 3 or 4 “lost” episodes, because I don’t remember seeing that one until the reruns showed up on Sci-Fi. I liked her role, and that was one of the better episodes.

  • Sam

    Whatever has to happen for Autumn Resser to be in that Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, make it happen someone, please!