We Speak to VERONICA MARS’ Dead Sherrif

By: Amrie (My Take on TV)
Living spoiler free can certainly come back to bite you in the rear when, as you’re watching your favorite show, and your favorite character dies, off screen, unceremoniously, it hurts. Like really hurts in the way you don’t expect it to.

The minute I finished watching the most recent Veronica Mars (and after I hung up with Julie, who said “The hotness is gone” and I had to agree), I sent a little note to the late (not-so-great-but-snarky-as-all-get-out) Sheriff Don Lamb himself, Mr. Michael Muhney (the subject line of my email? “No frakkin way!”). Not ten minutes after I sent him that note, I got one back:

“It’s nice to see so much support already pouring in when it was a hairy situation in early January. It’s been hard keeping this kind of secret to myself…honestly, I’m glad it’s out now. No more worrying.

R.I.P. Lamb

Kinda feels like a part of me died after three years. Weird.

We’ll talk soon.”

Between his interviews with a certain scoop goddess and her counterpart, the smurf-loving scoop god, Michael took a few minutes to answer some questions for us here at thetvaddict.com.

Amrie: Is Lamb really dead? (the conspiracy theorist in me wants there to be a big behind the scenes plan…)
Actually, I haven’t told anyone this yet, but there IS talk of a spin-off with Lamb and Lilly [Kane, season 1’s big murder mystery victim]. It’s called “Hot love in Hell.” So while Lamb might be dead on earth, his soul is rompin’ and stompin’ down below.

How long have you known / how was the subject brought up to you? (I’d imagine you knew the last time we talked, because that was after the injury on set!)
I have known now for about six weeks.

Will you appear in any other episodes (flashbacks, etc.)?

Was it hard to shoot your final scenes? (aside from the trips to the emergency room brought on by the shooting-your-own-reflection-in-the-mirror explosion!)
My final scene, shot out of storyline sequence, was when Keith offered to come with me and asked if I needed backup. I already had the cuts on my face so the whole scene was shot to conceal the right side of my face. If you notice at the top of the scene when Sacks and Keith are talking, Lamb walks in on the radio, and then he backs out of his office the same way he came. We had to hide the big cuts and gashes. Kudos to Joaquin (the cinematographer) for making it work.

What’s next for you? Have you been going out on auditions? Last week, you mentioned on Rack of Lamb some exciting news you hoped to share with us; any news there? [Rack of Lamb is the live journal that MM frequently visits and on which he often posts insightful comments for his fans]
I was hoping, in a perfect world (I don’t know why I keep telling myself there IS a perfect world, because there is no such place) that I would have the announcement for everyone by the day my last ep of VMars aired. But, alas, I am still waiting to get the offer. I hope it comes. If not (or even if so, actually) I am pursuing BSG with the intensity of an angry mob of cylons. [The show Michael is currently in talks about is a pilot for FOX, Canterbury’s Law, starring the lovely Julianna Margulies of ER fame! He’s also taken meetings with Paul Reiser about a FOX comedy, and he has a musical audition (he can sing…::swoon::) with CBS this afternoon]

What do you want to say to the fans that have stuck by you? Your “hobbits” [his loyalist of fans] would follow you anywhere, I think!
I’m not going anywhere. Regular and consistent communication is the key to a good friendship.

He stays humble, he knows who matters in the business (his fans, of course), and he always has a minute for a quick little chat.

Michael, we’ll miss you on Veronica Mars, but we know there are amazing things out there waiting for you, and we at thetvaddict.com cannot wait to see what’s next!

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  • Jenny

    The funny part is, I don’t avoid spoilers and there was no hint of this that I saw. I mean, I knew someone was going to die, but Lamb? Really?? lol

  • i absolutely did NOT see his death coming! i was even laughing after that scene because he shot the mirror; but after keith was called by the county commissioner and proclaimed him dead, i was so shocked… then really sad. 🙁
    RIP Lamb. i will definitely miss you.

  • John

    Both Sherrif Lamb and Mr. Michael Muhney will be missed on VM.

    Lamb was a great character, not a great guy, but an important part of the show.

    And MM did a great job with the character. He will be a reason to tune into any show he is on. I wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him again (and soon).

  • While he may not have been the most important character on the show, Michael was a huge asset to the show and the network. At Comic Con in San Diego this past summer, he was the only actor to stay on stage after the Q&A and talk to the fans.

    Michael truly cares about his fans and enjoys taking the time to talk to them.

    Having seen numerous actors act like total jerks to fans, Michael will also hold a special place in the TV Addict’s actor hall of fame.