THE OC’s Final Moments

I’m not ashamed to admit that I found the last few minutes of THE OC series finale surprisingly moving. Ryan and Seth’s big hug, the TITANICesque flashback, a classic OC music montage and the show coming full circle with ‘Architect Ryan’ helping out a new ‘young Ryan’… Well there’s no need for me to do a play-by-play, check out the clip above.

My one complaint — while I’m thrilled the show ended on a high note — with everybody living happily ever after. I’m not quite sure ‘Welcome to Berkley B*tch’ has the same ring to it.

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  • I just watched the final episode on TiVo, and I’d say I’m very impressed with how this show wrapped up.

    First of all, I loved how the next-to-last episode last week brought everyone, even Taylor’s mom, together as one big family. Then this episode hits all the right notes. In classic series finale style, the episode shows everyone going their separate ways, but then brief flash-forwards show us where the characters end up. They’re all happy and probably still one big family. Regardless of whether Julie ended up with Frank, Bullet, or neither, it was nice to see they were still involved.

    The only small nitpick is that there wasn’t more closure to the Ryan/Taylor relationship. But, since that was such a recent development this season, and they probably didn’t want to show disrespect to the memory of Marissa, I can overlook it.

    Things were looking shaky there during those middle two seasons, but thanks to a redeeming season four, I’ll have good memories about this show after all.

  • SteveA

    Why oh why won’t FOX put out a proper release of Season 1 on DVD (or better yet HD-DVD)?!

    They claim the first season wasn’t meant to be in HD, but seeing the flashbacks more than shows that the first season *was* filmed in HD, and should be given the proper treatment on DVD.

    But they probably won’t, they gave up early on a show that was getting over its sophomore slump of having the dead weight of Marissa around. No readon to think they will give any second thoughts about the show now. Lets just hope they bother to release season 4.

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