Let’s face it, the inconveinent truth of the matter is that it’s far too cold to venture outside today. Why not grab a snack — I myself am thinking hot chocolate and popcorn — curl up in front of your computer and watch two new pilots courtesy of

Premiering this Monday on NBC at 10PM, THE BLACK DONNELLYS follows the exploits of four young, working-class Irish-American brothers and their involvement in organized crime in New York City. The Donnelly brothers will do anything to protect each other against all odds. The ensemble cast includes the incredibly photogenic Kirk Acevedo, Thomas Guiry, Billy Lush, Keith Nobbs, Michael Stahl-David, Jonathan Tucker and Olivia Wilde (Marissa’s lesbian fling on THE OC).

The pilot was directed by Haggis, who also wrote the Academy Award-winning “Million Dollar Baby.” Haggis and Moresco are the creators and executive producers.

To watch the pilot, click here to visit Yahoo TV!

jonathan rhys meyersPilot #2: THE TUDORS
Shooting on location in Ireland, THE TUDORS revolves around Young King Henry VIII, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The Showtime Original Series also features a stellar cast lead by Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam and Natalie Dormer. For a first look at the pilot, click here and enter the password ‘Sneak Peek’. THE TUDORS premieres on Showtime on April 1, 2007.

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  • Sam

    The pilot I saw of TBD was so boring I gave up halfway through. I do like the style of storytelling though, it’s just the actual story being told wasn’t very interesting.

    I do enjoy Jonathan Rhys Meyers but I’m not really looking forward to the Tudors. Then again, I wasn’t looking forward to Dexter and ended up loving that.

  • With Showtime giving us WEEDS and DEXTER, I’m more then willing to give THE TUDORS a try. Showtime’s definitely been on a roll of late!

  • DD

    The Black Donnellys pilot reminded me of the Usual Suspects, Snatch and Lock,Stock and Two Smoking Barrels etc..

    Not in a good way…

  • The Black Donnely’s is filled with some of the most unlikeable characters ever assembled. And not in a good way (as with Arrested Development, which featured heinous people we loved). As for The Tudors, with Rome coming to a conclusion this month, I’m anxous to see this new show, which has a similar feel. Plus, let’s face it, there’s a certain comfort in knowing that the show won’t be cancelled after two episodes if the ratings aren’t stellar. After all, Showtime gave Sleeper Cell a second season despite the fact that its ratings were pretty abysmal.

  • I would have to agree with Sam. I thought TBD pilot was boring, the Irish mob just doesn’t excite me. Brotherhood was a sinker IMHO too.

    I will give the Tudors a try, but its not looking hopefully.

  • Kelly

    I’m going have to disagree with everyone, I really enjoyed TBD. I thought the story was very interesting and the relationships between the characters was great. TBD has hooked me as a viewer and i will be watching tonight, even though i have already seen the pilot and will be watching every Monday.

  • I had not seen the pilot, although I did see the cast this morning on the news.
    Considering how the cast was positioned, I had to take a look.
    I thought TBD would something close to; Entourage (HBO).
    Yet- it seems to try- to be-like a young Irish wanna- be Sopranos that can’t come close.

    This is just what we need..more violence on major network tele.

    Now, If these talented ppl. were cast into something w/less BS
    and more mainstream- maybe a little edgy w/humor, you would have had a hit.
    Something noone has seen since Friends (NBC) went off the aire.
    The commercials were more entertaining.
    What ever happened to the writers and producers for television shows
    that turned a show into a trend that would last for a decade?

  • Rachel

    I loved the Black Donnelys! I can’t wait to see the next episode.

  • Mark

    Just saw TBD. Lets give it a chance, it started slow but the ending was great!

  • Thelma

    Will someone please tell me what the word “Black” means in the title of the show TBD. As an African American, I began watching the show looking for the cast to be Black but of course that was not the case. I think I and other African Americans should be offended by the title if the meaning is derogatory. What do you think?

  • Amanda

    TBD is not the usual show I would watch, but it has me hooked, even watched it through the commercials which i never do as i usually wait after it has been PVRed. Great newcomer cast, instead of seeing the same faces. and chests… 🙂 loved the plot too. the humour missed in with grusome events.

  • Dan

    The black in black donnellys stands for the black haired Irish as oppose to the Irish with the stereotypical red hair. I’m writing this after having seen five or six episodes now and I have to say this show has everything. Humor, tradegy, action. i’m a fan of dark humor and just giving away a small scene in one of the later episodes, Kevin (one of the brothers) loses a fight with this guy whose going to go get the cops and report Kevin for trying to intimidate this guy (he’s a witness in Jimmy’s trial, another brother). As this guy is walking backwards yelling at Kevin, wham, flatten by a bus. I liked Studio 60 but i would rather watch TBD. Also I heard that the real wedding crashers might take this spot. What is the world coming to. TBD is awsome. But you have to follow it from beginning to end and be able to think, which I think the lazy America that we live in can’t handle it.

  • Sean Patrick

    I cant believe that NBC is pulling the plug on TBD. The show was crafy, exciting and had me waiting all week to catch the new episode. What is the network thinking? I agree, the show has to be followed from beginning to end. The characters are great (Jimmy gets on my nerves) and all the plots keep you going.

    NBC is in a tailspin…..There not letting the viewers catch on. Studio 60 wasa good but had a bad time slot, TBD was awsome but it needed to grow on you. Now they have that horrible sketch commedy…………

    Bring it back. The Irish Americans will love you for it.

  • I absolutely loved TBD. I don’t know why the heck they pulled that show. It’s a great show and if there is a chance that they will bring it back then I would sign up! Please bring it back. The plot was just starting to develop. The stage had just been set. The relationships and characters were just starting to become believable (even Jimmy and his stupid decisions). Anyways, here’s hopes!

    Pat K