HEROES Spoilers! Best Episode of the Season

As much as I’d like to pretend NBC was kind enough to send me a screener for tomorrow’s episode of HEROES, it turns out that being a Canadian TV Addict has finally paid off. As we speak I’m watching HEROES and for some seriously excellent scoop, click the link below to read more. But rest assured, the ending is so good that I don’t even have the heart to ruin it. I’ll all reveal is that by the end of the episode, you’ll absolutely LOVE HRG, and his true motives are revealed.

Beware, spoilers lie ahead.

• Matt Parkman and Radioactive Man (aka. Ted Sprague) take the Bennet Family hostage.

• In flashbacks, we learn that Hiro’s father (George Takei) is seriously connected to Primatech Paper and the mysterious company. Sadly the connection is not explained. It turns out thought that it was his idea for HRG to adopt Claire. With the one caveat being that if Claire manifests powers, she’s to be handed over to the company.

• As a young Hiro watches on (playing the original GameBoy!), Mr. Nakamura actually has to convice HRG to adopt Claire, who doesn’t think he’d make a good father. Interestingly enough, HRG mentions that he and his wife have had trouble conceiving. I wonder if Lyle is adopted as well (and may reveal his own special abilities later in the future)

• Interesting note, the meeting between HRG and Mr. Nakamura takes place on a VERY familiar New York City Apartment rooftop.

• HRG has actually been protecting Claire and his family. It’s what he’s been fighting for. The company doesn’t know she has powers. And if they did she’d be a goner.

• In flashbacks, HRG is ordered to kill Mr. Invisible because he’s become a ‘security breach’ to the company… HRG accuses him of hiding people with special abilities. HRG takes him to a bridge and shoots him.

• Claire’s mom finally finds out about her powers. She calls Claire a miracle… having seen her survive a gun shot and being touched by a very hot and angry Radioactive Man.

• As the hostage situation continues. Matt reads HRG’s mind and beings to trust him. The two work together to ensure the Bennet family remains safe from a very unbalanced Radioactive Man. Matt is taking Peter’s warning from a few episodes back “Save the Cheerleader…Save the World” quite literally.

• After Mr. Radioactive Man totally loses it… Claire saves the day (and the house from exploding) by injecting Ted with some radioactive goo. Very cool scene as Claire exits the house with all her skin peeling off — miraculously, her clothes managed to say on throughout the radioactive blast!

• Unfortunately, HRG’s boss (the man who hired HRG in the opening scene) sees Claire come out of the house as her skin regenerates. He asks HRG at the end of the episode, “When should we be expecting Claire?”

• Following the hostage situation, Ted and Matt are held captive (and sedated) by Primatech Paper. HRG’s boss thinks that Matt (who can read minds) would make an excellent new partner for HRG.

• In flashback we see Claire picking out the glasses for HRG as he tells her she’s adopted. Very sweet.

• HRG drops Claire off with the Haitain, as he isn’t about to give up his daughter to The Company.

• The shocking ending… I won’t ruin it here… but let me just say… HOLY FRACK. HRG is awesome and I cannot wait for next week. The episode reveals so much about the true loyalties and motives of HRG. HANDS DOWN BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON!

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  • If anybody is interested in finding out the last part of the episode. I have posted it on my blog. But It’s a handful and dont blame me if I wrecked it for you.

    Here is the direct link:http://saran81kid91.wordpress.com/2007/02/26/heroes-spoiler-regarding-death/

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  • Milan

    Awesome episode! Definitively the BEST Episode so far!!! A lot of questions have been answered and of course new unexpected questions came up…

  • Disregard my earlier post. Wrong info.

  • mg714

    I totally agree that it was one of, if not the, best episode so far. It really told us a lot yet also raised more questions. I’m glad to see that HRG isn’t as bad as I feared. I’m really intrigued by the preview for next week too. I think the reason this episode was so good was that it was focued on one story. Sometimes Heroes tries to do too much in one episode, though I guess they need to with so many characters…

  • Best episode yet !
    An emotional roller coaster between Claire and Bennet. The acting was great !
    Riviting ending.

  • I also agree that this was the best episode so far. Very impressive.

    This is basically what Lost should be more like. Heroes knows how to keep a mystery going but actually gives you answers along the way, and they know how to make flashbacks informative and relevant.



  • My girlfriend’s mum told me she had heard about this program ‘Heroes’ last week. I downloaded it (tut tut naughty me). but we’ve been glued ever sinse. Much beter than LOST that never gives answers and seems to be going down the same path as the X Files. Hiro is KEWL!