Rainn Wilson Hosts SNL: THE OFFICE Parody

The moment we heard Rainn Wilson (Dwight from THE OFFICE) was going to be hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, the first thing that went through our mind was “Please let there be an OFFICE parady.” Thankfully we got it, and in case you missed it, here it is. How dead on was that Karen impression?!

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  • Sam

    That’s so creepily uncanny, everyone was spot on. Does this mean I need to start watching SNL again for the possibility of more great parodies?

  • becky

    Two words= loves it.

  • Common Sense

    For once, the monologue was the funniest part of the show. They dragged that Anna Nicole news-bit on FAR too long. Also liked the four guys in the bar sharing funny memories between chorus of the song. Fell asleep after that. Please tell me it wasn’t funny.

  • I. M. Obvlivious

    Uhm, the reason the Karen “impression” was so dead on is because that was actually Rashida Jones. Idiot.

  • that is so not funny

  • I’m pretty sure that was actually Rashida Jones (Karen), not someone impersonating her.

  • Dear I.M. Obvlivious,

    First off, you spelled ‘Oblivious’ incorrectly.

    Secondly, I don’t think you picked up on my sarcasm!

    But thanks for stopping by.

  • tdot

    I loved last nights episode..Here is the SNL Digital Short which was also funny!!~

  • Jed

    After the boys at the bar, it got really unfunny.

    You missed nothing

  • Kelsey

    Haha, gotta love the people who don’t get sarcasm.

  • Kerri

    This parody was acutally really funny. The Office is my favourite show on tv right now. The SNL actors were so good at imitating The Office characters. It was the funniest SNL intro I’ve seen in a long time. Loved it!