Can An Addict Overdose?

First there was the TV. And we looked upon it and said, “It is good.” Then, there was the VCR. And we looked upon it and said, “It is good… even if we have to deal with stacks of tapes we sometimes forget to label, making it hard to find that MIA episode of EVERWOOD.” Then there was the DVD. And we looked upon it and said, “It is good… even if I now have to replace my videotape collection of TWIN PEAKS episodes with the DVD version because it has all these cool extras!” Then there was the DVR. And we looked upon it and said, “It is good… what with not having to stack video tapes and being able to watch the shows whenever I want, but if I have two 60-hour DVR’s and both are full, when am I supposed to catch up?”

Throw in iTunes, 500 cable channels and episodes streaming on the web and every other option available to TV fans and one can’t help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, we’ve reached saturation point. At what point does a TV fan – let alone an addict – throw up their hands in defeat and say, “Alright, I surrender. I will never have time to watch the special edition DVD of Shogun, all 13-weeks of TiVo’s WICKED, WICKED GAMES episodes, five hours a week of AMERICAN IDOL and the second season of ROME via HBO/TMN On Demand.”

Something’s gotta give!

Is it just us, or has it gotten to the point where there are so many options with regards to what to watch that sacrifices – tough, tough sacrifices – now have to be made? A friend has recently created what he calls his “retirement library”, filled with DVD’s of shows he always intended to watch but never got around to, including the first three seasons of NIP/TUCK. He operates under a “buy now, watch later” theory which seems reasonable… until you realize that every few weeks, he’s adding another DVD collection and there’s no indication that the madness will ever stop.

So our question to you is this: Is there now so much good TV available – whether currently airing or thanks to classic shows being released on DVD – that you have to make sacrifices? And if so, what doesn’t make the cut?

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  • Jenny

    I think so. Studio 60 & Friday Night Lights were 2 shows that I thought for sure I’d watch and… well, just not enough time to muster up the energy for either of them. Heroes is another. I started saving them up, but I think we’ll probably wait for the DVD to come out. heh

  • Jenny, I’ll give allow you to drop STUDIO 60 but you MUST watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! You will absolutlely love it.

  • This is what I do for both my sanity and the blog: Instead of watching every show under the sun, just watch the good shows (Friday Night Lights, The Wire), the ones you truly love (America’s Next Top Model, Survivor), and the ones everybody is talking about (Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol). But since we’re both TV bloggers (and have DVRS/PVRS) we have to try to watch as much as possible, so I try to set aside some time each week and just blast through blocks of shows I get behind on (Jericho, Prison Break, House). TV watching nowadays only works if you have a schedule to follow. Oh, and screeners help too.

  • Michel’s Straight Boyfriend

    Entertainment is very stressful. There are just too many choices… throw in podcasts, blogs, and magazines and I’m on overload.

  • TeenieBopper

    Well, the first thing you can do is stop watching American Idol. That’ll save you 5 hours right there. The fast that show (and reality tv/game shows in general) get cancelled, the faster the collective IQ of American rises ever so slightly.

    Sorry, massive hate-on for reality TV :-/

  • InvaderSteven

    I have the ability to record two things at once. And , if I’m really desperate, watch a third on a small television in another room at the same time.

    That being said, I rarely record more than one thing at a time. I’m too annoyed with most of what the networks do.

    I gave up on 24 this year. I watched it at first, and when it failed to capture my interest even a little bit beyond the fourth hour, I let it go in favor of Heroes.

    I’ve definitely gotten more cut-throat about my television lately. If two shows conflict, one of ’em has got to go.

  • Linda B.

    I watch/record roughly 17 hours of programs a week.

    This is why i love summer. It is mostly filled w/ reruns and i can go out and have a LIFE! I can also catch up on movies on the premium channels (that i pay for and rarely use during the regular tv season) that i missed in the theatres.

    I’m about 4 weeks behind on 24, and actually i don’t miss it too much, but i’ll probably start it up again soon.

    Thankfully, i have 2 DVRs and can record 4 things at once. Thursdays are hell. There’s 6 hours of programming that i watch. I’m kinda glad GA and Earl and the Office are repeats this week. That will cut 2 hours off what i have to watch.