Your Chance to Interview FAMILY GUY’s Seth MacFarlane

It’s never too late to have your first … live video webcast. Join FAMILY GUY’s Seth MacFarlane and Ricky Blitt alongside “The Daily Show”’s Rob Corddry as they talk about the new coming-of-middle-age comedy THE WINNER on Sunday, March 4, from 9:30 PM-1:00 AM ET (6:30-10:00 PM PT). This no-holds-barred live video webcast will allow viewers to talk directly to the creative forces behind THE WINNER. Meanwhile, FAMILY GUY fans will get a freakin’ sweet chance to ask MacFarlane their burning questions about the hit animated show. Viewers are encouraged to log onto now and submit questions ahead of time.

Said Blitt: “I look forward to answering questions on the live video webcast because it will mean I’m interacting with supporters of THE WINNER, and also because it will mean I will be chatting with other humans and therefore almost have a social life. I will try to wear something slinky and/or low-cut to try and maximize the viewing pleasure for our fans.”

THE WINNER is a new comedy from FAMILY GUY’s MacFarlane and Blitt. The show follows Glen Abbott (Corddry), who is truly the biggest kid on the block, and it proves that growing up isn’t just for kids anymore. THE WINNER gives hope to late-bloomers everywhere as Glen embarks on his “wonder years” at the tender age of 32.

The live video webcast begins on during “The Single Dates” episode of THE WINNER (airing Sunday, March 4, 9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX). When the love of his life, Alison (Erinn Hayes), invites Glen over for dinner, he is elated – until he’s told by a co-worker that divorcees have urges and he will be expected to “put out.” Embarrassed by his non-past and fearful it will drive Alison away, Glen decides to visit a “massage parlor” to get a quick tutorial before his date.

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