Does HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Need a Title Change?

Does anyone else think that HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER should change their show’s title to ‘BEFORE I TELL YOU HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER I’M GOING TO ENTERTAIN YOU WITH SOME TOTALLY RANDOM STORIES ABOUT LIFE BEFORE I MET YOUR MOTHER’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER this season and can pretty much watch Barney read a phone book and still be entertained. Yet I can’t help but feel that lately all we’ve been seeing are flashbacks with no real purpose except to say, “Boy we dressed poorly during the “Saved By The Bell Years” (late 80s/early 90s) and listened to some pretty cheesy music. Agree, Disagree, think I should stop bashing your favourite sitcom — post away.

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  • tVguRL

    Though I see your point, I think this all adds to the story leading to the basic premise of the sitcom… It’s like telling a really, really long story. Which normally sounds really boring, but in this case is super funny. Besides, NPH is awesome!

  • Common Sense

    How about the title:

    “Chuckles” (as in, “NOT belly-laughs,” like The Office)

  • sexy boy

    why not try ‘ Freinds returns ‘ !

  • I think this season is really episodic unlike the first season which had really crisp storylines. Nothing’s really happening this season though I find this season funnier than last. I think the odd thing about this season is that we’re all basically waiting for Ted and Robin to break-up and they just kind of keep teasing it… So, yea, I guess your assessment is right, but who on earth wouldn’t tell their kids that they dated a Canadian pop singer named Robin Sparkles?

  • Dfgh

    They should change the show name to, “How I Met Barney”.