HEROES Pulls a ‘LOST’, but Better!

Last night, HEROES stole a page from LOST’s playbook and provided us — via flashback — with some serious insight into HRG, including how he started at Primatech Paper and what his motives are. (In case you’re new to the world of HEROES, HRG is short for Horn-Rimmed Glasses, and HRG is Claire’s father)

Turns out HRG is really a good guy after-all! Okay, maybe ‘good’ is a little bit of a stretch. Let’s just say HRG is acting in a very morally gray area. But, with one hell of a reason — to protect his daughter and his family’s livelihood. He gets points for that, doesn’t he?

So let’s talk about what we learned (which was a lot). Isn’t it great when flashbacks actually reveal interesting information about the show’s characters and/or mythology. Remember when LOST’s flashbacks used to do that. But I digress.

First off, I have to mention this to anyone who may be confused (and a quick glance online shows that a lot of people didn’t get this). HRG is not dead. He only got the Haitian to shoot him so that it would appear he kidnapped Claire (so that he could return to The Company reputation intact) I just wanted to clarify that for those who’re slightly confused. And really, there’s no shame in admitting it. I for one am confused all the time. Why exactly did we see an entire episode about Jack getting his tattoos last week? Okay, seriously, enough LOST bashing. I’ll stop.

Moving on. Apparently, it was Mr. Nakamura’s idea for HRG to adopt Claire. With the one stipulation being that if she begins to manifest powers, he’s to report it to the ‘Company’ immediately. Question: Does Mr. Nakamura know that Hiro has powers? Is Hiro adopted? Is killing bio-parents and stealing ‘special’ babies part of the Company’s mission?

It’s revealed that Mr. Invisible (or is it The Invisible Man?) was HRG’s first partner. It’s pretty clear as to why the Invisible Man is so mistrustful of pretty much everyone. HRG isn’t exactly the poster-boy for human kindness. That said, I can’t help but wonder what led to the security breach. Who exactly was the Invisible Man protecting? And does anyone else think that HRG helped Mr. Invisible fake his death on the bridge? There was something very ‘off’ about that first gunshot. If you catch the scene again, watch carefully and report back.

Ted went Radiactive and while I appreciate that a show revolving around super-heroes may not be that realistic. Are we really to believe that you can step a few feet away from Radiactive Ted and assume you’re safe from the radiation he’s emitting. Matt and HRG should probably be dead or at least Cancer stricken. That said, I love how Claire’s entire body peeled off… yet her clothes remained on.

That my friends (and by friends, I’m talking to you LOST writers), is how it is done. The flashback provided us with some fantastic insight into the show’s mythology while raising enough questions to keep the show interesting for seasons to come.

What are we left with? A talking Haitian (I wonder why he kept mute for so long?), Kidnapped Heroes (Matt and Ted being held by the Company), Claire’s secret revealed to her family and HRG’s boss, and HRG getting the Haitian to erase Claire from his memory (Should lead to a really freaky Claire torture scene later on in the season). So many questions. Now I leave it up to you, my dear readers, what’s next?

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  • JennyC

    Amazing how the show is on a fantastic roll in building great episode after great episode. I thought the commercial was interesting in showing Simone still alive. Maybe she got the heads up from Peter since he absorbed Isaac’s abilities.
    But getting back to the actual episode, I was always a defender of HRG, he seemed to be sincere with his protection of Claire. She seems to be more important for the company than we realize.

  • Editor’s Note:

    I just wanted to make a point to point out that the above post was edited to reflect the fact I may have missed something in watching last night’s HEROES.


    Earlier this morning, Paco wrote:

    Uhm, wow – you really missed some of what was going on. HRG did not help Claude fake his death – he intended to kill him and thought he had. That’s why, last week, when he found out Claude was alive he said words to the effect of “it appears someone we thought was dead isn’t,” with genuine surprise.

    And second, at the end, he wasn’t setting it up so that it looked like he was dead. He was not faking his death. He was simply setting up a valid explanation for how Claire got away from him. He’s not going to go underground, he’s going to return to his life and work, which is why he had the Haitian erase anything that Eric Roberts could use to track Claire down.


    Thanks Paco for the points. While I agree with your point that HRG isn’t faking his own death and that he’s going to go back to work for The Company, I do think that he helped Claude fake his own death. If you re-watch the scene, you’ll notice a very weird initial gunshot. Something is not on the up and up.

  • John

    RE: Shooting Claude. I think the first shot was sort of an accident – the stress caused HRG to shoot when he didn’t intend to. After that he did his best to kill him (in for a penny in for a pound), but Claude was phasing out by then.

    As for last night’s episode, it was the best “Heroes” yet and I ahve always liked the series.

    We learn a whole lot and still have more mysteries to work with.

  • ToyMao

    I was getting a different meaning from the erasing-HRG’s-brain scene. I think the Haitian only erased the way of making Claire disappear from the Company’s sight and HRG’s involvement in it as well, so Boss Eric Roberts and Matt won’t be able to reveal if he had anything to do with it. He can honestly pretend he was attacked by a bad-shooter Haitian and luckily he survived, but Claire is gone or seemingly abducted by the Haitian. I think this is backed by the fact that BER’s apeared at the Bennets’ house (present day) HRG told him, that Claire was trusting the Haitian over his own father (correction from BER: surrogate father), and he (means HRG) had no idea whether Claire has abilities or not.

    But maybe I was getting it all wrong. Maybe we all did, and there’s gonna be a major plot-twist along the way, one can never know, right? 🙂

  • I totally agree about the frustrations with Lost and how Heroes handles mystery and revelation so much better. Lost is almost too relentless in its creation of mystery and withholding of answers. I also wonder why it was so important to have a whole set of flashback about Jack’s tattoo. But, on Heroes we learn all kinds of things in one episode, but not so much that the overall mystery of the show is diminished.

  • Do we think HRG erased all memory of Claire or just the fact she has superpowers?

  • mg714

    I don’t think the Hatian erased all memory of Claire – I think he probably just erased HRG’s memory of the set up of Claire going with the Hatian so that no one would be able to find out that HRG planned it. I think that he probably will still remember she has superpowers since the Boss (Eric Roberts’ character) already knew anyway.

  • Tim

    I don’t think he erased all memory of Claire, nor did he erase the memory he had of her powers. Like others have said, he probably just erased the part where he planned Claire’s escape, so that he would never think about it while around Parkman.

    Also, on the Lost front. I do think they are way more stingy with the answers than Heroes, but let’s be honest, if Lost revealed a lot of the answers, how could they really create any new ones? They’re on an island, and after what we have already witnessed on the show, no new mystery would keep us satisfied, IMO. I think we just have to hope that they set an end date for next season and then they can tell the kind of story they want to, no dragging it out.

  • tdot

    mg714 Says:

    “I don’t think the Hatian erased all memory of Claire – I think he probably just erased HRG’s memory of the set up of Claire going with the Hatian so that no one would be able to find out that HRG planned it. I think that he probably will still remember she Boss (Eric Roberts’ character) already knew anyway. ”

    I totally Agree.!!!

  • Hmm.

    HRG tells the Haitian, “Go deep. Take anything that would lead them to her.”

    From this statement, it seems like HRG wants the Haitian to erase every memory of Claire.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Wow! I didn’t see it until tonight and you are so completely right about how a show should answer some damn questions.

    This episode felt like a season finale. It was just so well crafted.

    HRG is a Hero and a great dad.

    LOST should seriously take notes, because they clearly have no idea how to deliver on this level. They have until the end of this season to remain on my watch list. Otherwise, it is coming off the Season Pass list. Not even Sawyer is enough to keep me tuning in without something closely resembling a logical storyline and some payoff for tuning in.

  • Nimisha

    did any one else notice the statement the haitian made about “reporting to someone higher than you (hrg) in claires life”.. any thoughts on who that could be??

  • The first half of the first season of Heroes was great and it just keeps getting better. One thing that annoys me with lost is it keeps adding more questions but no answers. Heroes on the other hand brings up a lot of questions but it answers things as it goes along too.

    I really like the way the characters backgrounds and stories are becoming more and more intertwined with Linderman seemingly in the middle of it all.

    It used to be I wouldn’t miss lost now I don’t really care about it. They should start giving some answers instead of making things more complicated. Sometimes I get the impression they make it up as they go along

  • the-good-shepherd

    *did any one else notice the statement the haitian made about “reporting to someone higher than you (hrg) in claires life”.. any thoughts on who that could be??*

    I thought he was refering to Claire when he said that there was somebody higher in her life, since she is the only one being higher in her life than her adoptive Father, i can’t think of anyone else since neither her bio-mom nor Nathan Patrelli even knew about her being alive