Place Your Bets: Who Killed Dean O’Dell?

Tonight on the CW is the last episode of VERONICA MARS for (gasp!) eight weeks! On tonight’s episode, we’ll finally learn who murdered Dean O’Dell and more importantly why. Was it the Dean’s wife? Steve Botando? Beaver, err… sorry Cassidy Casablancas back from the dead? Honestly, this TV Addict has absolutely no idea, but feel free to take up valuable bandwith with your predictions. I will say this though, the murderer better not have been Sherrif Lamb. Talk about kicking someone when they’re down (or dead!).

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  • Tim

    EIGHT WEEKS?!?!?! I knew we were getting a hiatus, I had no idea it was THAT long. DAMN YOU CW!!!

  • What, no one wants to watch “Who wants to be the next pussycat doll?” I, for one, cannot wait! (

  • My money is on Tim, Landry’s assistant as the doer inner of The Dean.

  • Amrie… you have to be careful with your comments… People might not realize you’re being sarcastic!

  • Nicole

    I’d say Mindy O’Dell because she seems sorta shady to me, or Tim Foyle because he’s just creepy.

    I. Hate. The. Pussycat. Dolls. (and the CW for allowing such a show in Veronica’s place!)

  • it’s important to note that there was more to my comment when I posted it! I made sure to point out there I was being sarcastic and sadly it didn’t come across! haha…I am going to avoid the pussycat doll show at all costs!!

  • Yea, I’m gonna say Tim too. Not me, the creepy Tim played by the same actor as Lucky the crazy janitor who died last year.

  • Sam

    I’d like think maybe Rob Thomas would pull another fast one on us and claim the dean really did kill himself but that’d be oh so anticlimatic.

    I really hope it’s someone we’ve already been introduced to not someone we barely know or will be introduced to tonight when they show up as the killer.

  • Laura

    Wait, Tim was also Lucky? Ok I just found that out, ha ha! I’m usually a very observant person… But hey he has more hair in season 3!

  • Tim

    Aparently I killed the dean. Or at least someone named Tim.

  • How weird is it that there are two ‘TIMs’ that post on this site. After watching last night’s VMARS, I may have to start a ‘No Tims Club’. Who knows what they’re capable of!