Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Last night I arrived home only to discover that (gasp!) my PVR had run out of space and failed to record VERONICA MARS (Cruel World why do you do these things to me!?). Luckily, Rogers cable (my cable provider) allows me to watch the west coast feed on KTLA, so after erasing some a ton of old NEWSRADIO episodes (sorry Phil, I have no choice), I was able to record Mrs. Mars at midnight. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the Dean O’Dell Mystery wrap up later today.

That said, it was 9:30PM and frankly I was bored — so I did the unthinkable. I tuned into a new FOX Reality Show (double gasp!) ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER? Truth be told, I found myself enjoying the show and am happy to report, I am indeed smarter than a fifth grader… but just barely.

If you’re wondering if YOU’RE smarter than a fifth grader, why not test yourself with some of the questions from last night’s episode. (Answers are in the Comments, no cheating!)

1. True or False, Polar bears feed on Penguins?

2. If a triangle has an area of 16 square inches and a base of 8 inches, how long is its height? (4th grade math)

3. Who is the first president to be impeached? (4th grade history)
(Note: A UCLA lawyer didn’t get this one!)

4. Name the ship that the pilgrims sailed on from Plymouth England to the Plymouth Colony in America in 1620.

5. Part of a person’s sleep cycle is called a REM cycle. What does REM stand for? (4th grade health)

You can test yourself even more by checking out the official show web site on

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  • Answers

    1. False (got it right)
    2. 4 inches (got it wrong, can’t do math to save my life)
    3. Andrew Johnson (got it wrong, if it’s not on the DAILY SHOW, I don’t know jack!)
    4. The Mayflower (got it right)
    5. Rapid Eye Movement (got it right)

  • h

    TV Addict, what was the name of the UCLA lawyer. I went to law school there (and I got the question right, tho not the math one.)

  • The only time Lawyers know math is when they’re adding up your bill

    (badda ba.. thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night, tip the waitress)

  • h

    Actually we hire accountants to do that too.

  • h

    Caught a clip of UCLA Seth, and I’m glad to say I don’t know him. If you’re going to be that stupid man, don’t tell people where you went to school.

  • Crap, I only got 3 out of 5. I thought for sure that polar bears are a predator of penguins, and I keep getting Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson confused (can I get a half point for at least guessing an Andrew J.). 😉

    It would have been pretty embarrassing to get the math one wrong since I majored in math in college. However, I wonder if that really is a 5th grade math question. It seems more of a 7th or 8th grade question to me, but they might be teaching kids faster these days. Having taught high school math for one torturous year, I probably had dozens of seniors who couldn’t get that right either.

  • Todd.. haven’t you learned anything from those incessant Coke Commercials. Polar Bears and Penguins are Best Friends.

  • I like the premise of the show, but shouldn’t they be able to fit more than a handful of questions into a 30-minute show? If I remember correctly, at one point towards the end, they didn’t even make it through an entire question without a commercial break. This had to be the fastest 30 minutes of TV that I’ve ever watched on my DVR.

    Very disappointing….

  • Agrees.. Just like AMERICAN IDOL… the endless commercials were almost insufferable. If I tune in tonight, I’ll 100% be PVRing it and fast forwarding through the commercials. Sadly, I’ll have about 15 minutes of show.

  • Sam

    Sadly I got only 3 out of 5 but a couple of those questions don’t really seem all that crucial to remember later on in life. REM? Polar bears feeding on penguins? Who cares. I hope those kids are learning more useful information than that.

  • gadz

    Actually I study law and I got the triangle question right (how much time do they have to answer these questions?). Unfortunately, here in Poland US history is not a very popular school subject and I didn’t know the name of the president, but The Mayflower was an easy one.

  • me

    Penguins live on anarctica, polar bears work for Santa at the north pole they are about as far away as you could possibly be.

  • Scott

    5 for 5. Personally I thought the guy was a complete moron on the show. Needed to use all 3 helps on the first 3 questions and then didn’t even know the 4th question. He needs to be stripped of his bachelor degree.

  • Patti

    My 4th graders knew the answers to the questions from the first night. My class was so excited to see that what they are learning counts!!!

  • Dy

    This show is way to slow. They should be able to complete more than a few questions. Way too many commercials. I like the concept but i’m getting bored with the pace.

  • Mrs. Mom

    I just want to know how to get on the show!!!!

  • I think that is so funny the amount of idiots who couldn’t get those right. The people that are hired for these high class jobs can’t get those right. It’s called GET A CLUE AMERICA!

  • Skot

    I am chalanging the question stated last night in the show. Which is the biggest bear in the world? The biggest bear ever recorded is a BROWN BEAR, not a Polar bear.

  • RICK


  • FDZ

    I got 4 out of 5 and I’m in 4th grade. Me and my dad got the same answers but don’t know who is Andrew Jackson. We saw another got the same problom.

  • Christopher

    Interesting show but they got at least two questions wrong the other night…. Can’t remember one of them but the they said Polar bears are the largest bear… In fact the Kodiak bear is the largest and not by a little bit either… so not only did te grade fiver get it wrong so did the research team… you can hardly fault the grade fiver

  • Ry

    Latisha Livingston is the biggest idiot known to man/woman kind. People as dumb as her should be banned from existence… i just saw the episode with her and almost killed myself because of her ignorance

  • Jamie

    Omgsh. I am so stupid. I got almost everything wrong and i am in the 7th grade. I am so srupid i think i have probems i think i need to get a tudor. I AM THE STUPIDEST PERSON ON EARTH.


    From the stupid one,

  • Rebecca

    Those are easy! Come on idiots, get it together!!!

  • Taylor

    how do i get on the show? also is the show American or Canadian?

  • Terry

    how do you get on the show?

  • Everyone that they chose for contestants on this show are idiots!!! They don’t know the difference between a country and a continent or where Canada is. 3x = 12: y=3x question was the easiest one on there, it practically says that y=12. I want to know how to get on this show too because it would be a very easy million dollars.

  • I am also in the seventh grade and was wondering about the questions on the show. Is it me, or do the questions on the show don’t always match the grade levels? I was watching one of the shows and one of the first (or second) grade questions was “are koalas marsupials?” (T or F) I didn’t learn about marsupials until the fifth grade…Anywho, I want to get my dad on the show. How do I do that?

    P.S. Mike, I know! I almost died of shock when that lady didn’t know the answer!

  • Also, I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes when one that lady was asked if she knew which contient was a country itself. She walked away, but she would have guessed all of them….wow…..I thought that they maybe picked people by their school records. I then saw a fact about this same lady saying that she graduated with a 3.5 average….hmmm…me confused

  • Smarter than the rest

    Those questions were way to easy. And as far as the geniuses who keep saying the kodiak is the largest, wrong. The largest single bear ever recorded is the kodiak however the largest species and on average is clearly the polar. avg weight polar bear 900-1500lbs kodiak 500-900lbs length of polar 8-8.4feet kodiak 7-10feet. You do the math. Before trying to challenge the shows questions try doing some research. It’s amazing how people will try and make excuses for not being smart.

  • M&M

    Yea…I only got 2 right….the anwsers are so simple, their hard!!

  • Reeka Pellman


  • me myself and I

    dang nab it I got a 70,and my dad bet me

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  • Good questions but I always get them right anyways.

  • Philip

    I’m in 10th grade, got all 5 questions on the blog right. Then I went to the website and got all of the questions in the features right.

  • Ron

    How do you get on this show?????????

  • Mr. Owl

    A reply to an earlier post: The Atlas Bear was the biggest bear to ever live and the Polar Bear is the biggest now.

    The math and history questions are mostly 6th-8th grade and I haven’t even learned about half of the things that they ask about. I mean, come on, you can’t make a show called “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” when the questions aren’t 1st-5th grade and the questions are invalid. However, it is true that the sun is a star and 50% of Americans don’t know that.

    And it takes 346 licks to get to the center TootsieRool of a TootsieRoll TootsiePop. Scientists once made a licking machine just to find out. 😛

  • im_a_baller.

    I’m in 5th grade and that was the easiest test I have ever taken. (I at least think my answers are right, I compared them to the ones in the comments.)
    1. False
    2. 2 inches
    3. Andrew Jackson
    4. The Mayflower.
    5. Rapid Eye Movement

  • I knew the answers but my memory is a bit fuzzy and I could not remember (4) (but I am not an American, so I think I can be forgiven). However, to the poster above, surely the answer to (2) is four inches? If it were a rectangle, it would be two inches. As to (3), it was Andrew Johnson, the 17th president, not Andrew Jackson, the seventh president.

  • this quiz is really hard!

  • Mary

    FYI. the show and this site are wrong. Andrew Johnson was NEVER impeached. He was acquited by one vote! Bill Clinton was the first and only president to be impeached : )

  • George Zadorozny

    With all respect, Mary is incorrect re Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Both were impeached (which is simply another way of saying they were “charged” or “accused” or “indicted” by a vote of the House of Representatives). Pursuant to the Constitution, both then endured a trial conducted by the U.S. Senate, with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presiding. Neither was convicted. Interestingly, Johnson avoided conviction by just one vote. If either had been convicted, he would have been removed from office immediately, and the Vice-President would then immediately have become President.

    But that simply didn’t happen, because neither Johnson nor Clinton was convicted–although both were, in fact, impeached (“charged” or “accused” or “indicted”) by official vote of the House of Representatives. Both Johnson and Clinton went on to complete their full terms as President.

  • ken

    Andrew Johnson was never impeached. There was an impeachment trial, but a not guilty vote by Edmund Ross ended the procedure

  • Gene

    george is right.
    Impeachment is the first of two stages in a specific process for a legislative body to consider whether or not to forcibly remove a government official from office. The impeachment itself brings the charges against the government.
    Impeachment does not necessarily result in removal from office; it is only a legal statement of charges

  • blue

    Seriously, these aren’t nearly 5th grade questions. If anything the “harder” questions are very specific questions concerning elementary topics. 4/5, in college, ok u can laugh, but can u blame me for not remembering the johnson incident. Anyway, seriously u don’t learn about rem sleep at this level, nor triangles, k maybe triangles. but the fertile crescent stuff and what not is global history in highschool. Its more of memory. I may not know about history but I do know about limits, and immunology, and chemistry.

  • Doug Ryan

    Am astounded at how many contestants, regardless of age, education or profession, know almost nothing about World History or World Geography. For a country so involved with/in the world this is a typical and sad American truth!