Gilmore Girls: A Kim Family Spin-off?

The unfortunate reality is that GILMORE GIRLS is coming to an end. Be it this season or next, we’ll soon find ourselves without our favourite GIRLS from Stars Hollow. But don’t throw away your Luke’s Coffee Mug just yet. After watching last night’s Lane family baby shower, this TV Addict has an idea. Why not a Kim family spin-off starring Lane, Zack, the twins and of course Mrs. Kim?

Before you accuse me of spending a little to much time with Kirk, consider this. A spin-off revolving around The Kim Klan (Okay, so we have to work on the title) isn’t such a bad idea. Think back to last night’s episode, what scenes did you enjoy the most? It certainly wasn’t the tiresome Luke/April story-line or the Rory and Logan relationship melodrama. The highlight of last night was watching the entire town rally around Lane, her family and the band at her baby shower.

An entire town pitching in to help raise a baby, sure sounds familiar. Almost like that tale we’ve heard of Stars Hollow coming together to help a young mother named Lorelai raise a girl baby named Rory! A Lane Kim spin-off would give GILMORE fans an opportunity to see what it might have been like for Lorelai to raise Rory all those years ago. ‘GILMORE GIRLS: The Lane Kim Years’ would not only provide us with more of the characters we’ve come to know and love — namely Lane, Zack, Brian, Gil and Mrs. Kim — we’d also continue to get our Stars Hollow fix for years to come (Not to mention possible guest star visits by Lorelai, Luke and maybe even Rory). The show could even go full circle and start Lane off with a job at the DragonFly Inn! Lord knows Lane and Zack’s band isn’t going anywhere fast. The growing family could no doubt use a little cash to, you know, feed and cloth their kids.

Dawn Ostroff and the CW — you’re welcome. has single hand-idly started the development process for a sure fire hit spin-off and your first franchise (think CSI, next up ‘The Kirk Years’). You can thank me later for this brilliant idea, and really no need to pay me upfront — I’ll settle for a simple executive producer credit, and a guest stint as a Dragonfly Inn guest with a mysterious past (Okay, I kill Michel, but trust me, I’ll be doing the show a favour).

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  • Hmm. That’s a somewhat interesting idea. 🙂

    It would probably require Lorelai, Rory, Luke, and maybe even Sookie to move on to other things (and other places) allowing the bit players (Zach, Mrs. Kim, Miss Patty, maybe even Babbette & Gypsy) to be elevated to main cast status.

    Even then, it may also require some new blood. For instance, a new quirky family could move into Lorelai’s old house or an entrepreneurial woman could take over Luke’s diner (knocking down a wall, expanding, and making it a big fancy restaurant or something other than a restaurant).

    Or, even quirkier, what if a new man moved in to the diner and turned the diner back into a hardware store again, and he just happened to be named William, allowing him to keep the William’s Hardward sign (and as an added homage he also keeps the Luke’s Diner sign). Full circle, eh?

    To appeal to multiple generations, the show could introduce two or three teenage characters who go to Stars Hollow High, ala The O.C. or early Gilmore Girls.

    And they would simply have to bring back the town meetings & events, with or without Taylor Doose (town meetings run by one of the new characters–that’s intriguing).

    Without some fine tuning like that, I’m not sure I see it being a ratings-grabber quite yet, but this is also the network that gave 7th Heaven a 45th season. 😉

    I’ll settle for a Creative Consultant title for the suggestions. 😉

  • great idea i know the only reason i tuned in last night was to see if lane hade her babbies or if she somehow got wider. i watched on my tivo and fast forward all the borgin stuff i.e. rory and logan, luke and his kid or boat.

    and i so did not buy that rory and lane are anywhere near the category of friends

    but i did love the dynamic btw loralie and mrs. kim

    i would be thrilled if lane got her own show.

  • Common Sense

    Tuesday night’s Gilmore Girls served one purpose: To fill an hour until Veronica Mars. No Emily = bad episode (in my book).

  • Calling Ken Berry for Stars Hollow RFD!

    I like Gilmore Girls (even season 7) too much to want it to meander along without the leads–and presumably, without Paris, Richard, Emily or any other character outside of the town. Just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean it ought to go on forever–especially with such a high prospect of diminishing returns.

  • Brittany

    I dont like that idea i like the “Gilmore Girls” not their friendz I mean i love Sookie, Paris, Lane all their friendz but i wouldnt watch it 2 just c them, no 1 is as funny as Lor n no guy on their is as cute a Logan…