Live Blogging LOST (Episode 10, Season 3)

9:58PM: I’ve been completely sucked into ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GREATER, and not only am I smarter than a fifth grader… I’m a hell of a lot smarter than the moron contestants on the show.

10:02PM: I don’t think Hugo’s dad is ever coming back… hello eating disorder.

10:03PM: I hope Hurley’s not talking to a volleyball. Oh wait, Libby… that’s pretty touching actually.

10:03PM: Talk about unrealistic…. forget this mysterious island, time travel, suriving a plane crash…. Hurley catching up to Vincent (the dog in case you forget) in a race… not a chance.

10:12PM: Is that the VW bug from LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE?

10:13PM: Is the Chicken Shack in SMALLVILLE? What’s the deal with the meteors!

10:14PM: These two new Losties are already annoying me! Just too random. Does anyone even remember their names? What’s their story? When’s their flashback?

10:25PM: Finally, somebody asked about JACK! Geez, it took them long enough.

10:26PM: More classic lines from Sawyer… calling Hurley ‘Snuffy’, Jin ‘Hooked on Phonics’ Who is Kate going to for help?

10:31PM: Hmmm… I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Hurley’s dad returned just after Hurley won millions.

10:34PM: How old is that beer… that can’t be good.

10:41PM: I usually hate when people say this, but who didn’t know that Hurley’s Dad put the card reader up to that.

10:44PM: An idea… instead of wasting time building a car…. how about a boat… or a smoke signal to attract a plan… or a radio out of coconuts… oh wait, this isn’t Gilligan’s Island.

10:47PM: Can we all agree to put an end to Tim Allen and John Travolta’s career right now and pledge not to go see WILD HOGS? Please.

10:50PM: A Theory: Hugo’s Dad… Desperate for Money… Made the plane crash ensuring he would inherit the millions!

10:54PM: Okay, now it would be funny if they ran out of gas.

10:56PM: If the island’s taught us anything it’s that going into the jungle alone — always a great idea.

10:58PM: Rousseau… Yeah Baby… At least we know next week’s episode will be good. Thanks to everyone who dropped by, with special thanks to Todd W and RLW for taking the time to comment.

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  • Whoa!!! Was that a meteor that hit the chicken shack?

  • Yeah Todd W! Somebody’s actually reading. Live Blogging Alone… sort of sad 🙂

  • Uh, I can’t remember the two new guys’ names either. They haven’t been utilized very well. On the other hand, it might be good to have some background people with actual names and personalities. It’s sometimes kind of weird to see our main cast do *everything* while the no-names are just people-shaped blurs that wander around sliently in the periphery.

  • rlw

    I’m here too!

  • Funny to see the dust cloud when Hurley’s mom slapped him. 🙂

  • Thanks for stopping by RLW

  • rlw

    AWWWW Hurley and Sawyer!

  • rlw

    I’ll bet she asks Roussau for help!!

  • I bet Kate’s gonna go gen Delenn, uh, I mean Rousseau. 😉

  • Great call RLW

  • rlw

    OMG who-go’s mom has needs and I need to throw up!!

  • Even if he gets this van to run, what is he gonna do for fuel in the long run?

  • RKW… to quote the incomparable Valerie Cherish (THE COMEBACK)… “I didn’t need to see that”

  • Todd – for sure they’ll happen to find the Dharma Fueling Station

  • The commercial for Premonition, the new Sandra Bullock movie, looks pretty good.

  • Yeah it doesn’t look bad…

  • Yeah, I guess they’ve gotta have fuel somewhere to power their boats. I suppose their electrical generators could be powered by gas too.

  • rlw

    Oh I know Valerie! I’m a TV addict too, and since I’ve found your site I’m a TV addict addict……my head hurts…….

  • Love Valerie… such a brilliant show that was cancelled far before its time.

  • rlw

    Ruh-roh stay away from Hurley, Charlie!

  • rlw

    Oh Snap, Cheech is an ass!

  • Even if this episode ends up being pointless (like so many others), at least it’s funny. 🙂 Much better dialogue than all the cryptic mindgame psychobabble we got back on Other Island.

  • rlw

    I was just thinking the same thing Todd, we’re not getting any answers but at least they haven’t raised 50 more questions!

  • rlw

    Okay, that moment made me happier than anything that happened in season 2!

  • Ah, yes, the musical montage endings. I love those.

  • rlw


  • Oh, so we’re finally going to get to see Mr. Eyepatch next week. I was afraid they were going to drop that.

    Overall, good episode. No answers to mysteries, but a well-done, feel-good character piece. We need one of those every once in a while too.

  • rlw… the ending’s more of a single “DUUUUUNNNNN” , but good try 🙂

  • rlw

    This was fun! I’ll see ya next wed. okay!

  • Todd…. didn’t we get a character piece last week with Jack and his Tattoos. This week, I’m sorry to say, was boring. But Naturally I’ve got high hopes for next week!

  • At least the ABC promo dept didn’t promise 3 major questions answered.

  • Oh yeah, you’re right, last week would classify as a character piece too, at least the flashback parts. I still classify the stuff on Others Island as mystery related, but not a whole lot happened there anyway (at least not that made any sense).

  • Tim

    Very good ep, IMO. I really really enjoyed it and felt it had the spirit of season 1 hovering over it. It just felt like classic Lost and it was refreshing to get back to that point. I gotta say, I wasn’t one of those people crying to get back to the regular island and the other 815 survivors, but I have enjoyed it more when the Others aren’t the main focus.

  • Common Sense

    Can’t believe I missed the live-blogging. Was trying to follow some tourney b-ball games on the radio, type on computer and watch TV simultaneously.

    Episode was okay as a filler…if the VW serves some purpose. Didn’t know Hugo’s chicken-shack was in Smallville. Still want more island mystery instead of the quirky “so-called fun” stuff.

    And, as someone somewhere pointed out, I thought we already ASSUMED or KNEW that Alex was Rousseau’s daughter. No surprise there at all. Hope next week is better.