Random Musings for a Wednesday

NBC Gambles On Shook-Up Vegas
Despite recent whispers that NBC’s Sin City-set saga LAS VEGAS would soon be history, the network announced yesterday they would roll the dice by giving the series a fifth season. But what viewers see when the show returns in the fall will be a vastly different show thanks to the departure of original cast members James Caan and Nikki Cox. Reports indicate that Caan asked to be released so that he could return to his big-screen career, while Cox, who was caught off-guard by her firing, was let go for budget reasons. Those most disappointed by the renewal? The legion of Vanessa Marcil fans who have hoped VEGAS’ cancellation would mean her return to GENERAL HOSPITAL and her uber-popular character, Brenda.

Can Abrams Save Star Trek?
Now that LOST executive producer J.J. Abrams is officialy on board as the director of the 11th Star Trek flick for the big screen, fans of the sci-fi series are already buzzing. The main question on their lips? Can the Mission:Impossible III director break the franchise’s much-discussed “curse of the odd-numbered films?” The studio certainly hopes so, as Paramount has made a not-so-small fortune off the series, despite the less-than-stellar ratings of the Scott Bakula led ENTERPRISE, which aired from 2001-2005 . This time around, the film – set to be released sometime in 2008 – will focus on how Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock met during their days at Starfleet Academy.

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  • Regarding the Star Trek prequel… A lot depends on who is cast for the roles. More importantly, it depends on the writing. All I hear about the story is that it shows the first meeting of Kirk and Spock. I can’t help but wonder, just how interesting can that meeting be? I’m sure they’ll be more to the story than that, but it’s that other stuff I’m still curious about.