We Preview Monday’s New HEROES!

After last week’s fantastic episode, theTVaddict is thrilled to present a new clip from Monday’s new episode. Clip #1 features Suresh cluelessly handing over ‘The List’ to Sylar. Boy, for a professor, Suresh really isn’t that smart is he?!

Clip #2 features HRG confronting Thompson about his ‘missing’ daughter Claire. For the last episode for seven weeks, be sure to tune into HEROES this Monday March 5 at 9PM.

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  • idigress

    Thanks for the clips. How do you know that Eric Roberts’ character’s name is Thompson? This role is not even listed on his IMDB page. Just wondering.

  • Dear Idigress,

    According to the NBC document that accompanied the video clip, it is written:

    Thompson tells HRG. to forget about searching for Claire – [01:33]

    Thus, the I made the assumption that Eric Roberts’ character’s name is ‘Thompson’

    Thanks for visiting the site.