February Sweeps Withdrawl

For five weeks we’ve enjoyed a jam-packed Thursday night of television. But today is March 1 — and the party — or February Sweeps to be more specific, is officially over. That said, thanks to NBC’s ‘COMEDY NIGHT DONE RIGHT’ we’ve still got half a night of new comedy to look forward to (and one TV addict who’s already been brainwashed by NBC’s new marketing campaign).

Starting at 9PM with SCRUBS, the staff remembers past events while helping a patient regain his memory. Hmmm.. Would creator Bill Lawrence really sink so low as to give us a clip show? Tune in tonight find out. Following SCRUBS is the funniest new comedy this season — 30 ROCK starring the brilliant Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. On tonight’s episode, Jack gets a hip-hop producer to endorse his family’s line of wines. No doubt hilarity will ensue.

For a guaranteed laugh, tune into SCRUBS and 30 ROCK tonight. Afterall, NBC does promise ‘Comedy Night Done Right’ — and if there’s one thing a television network would never do, is hype up a show’s laugh-factor to attract viewers. But seriously, trust theTVaddict.com with this one (have I ever steered you wrong?). Gives SCRUBS and 30 ROCK a chance and you’ll most definitely laugh out loud, or at the very least crack a smile. If you don’t, I’ve got some shocking news for you — you may be a cylon.

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  • starbase135

    OMG…I just watched this night’s episode of 30 Rock…as usual it has been hilarious. It is just me or is 30 Rock recently even funnier than The Office. It is like Arrested Development (may it rest in peace…) with characters that are not over the top.