SCRUBS: A Clip Show, Seriously?

A Memo to SCRUBS creator and show-runner Bill Lawrence,

There’s no denying the fact that for nearly six seasons you’ve provided viewers with countless episodes filled with laughter, emotion and more laughter. As long as we live, we’ll never forget the brilliance and originality of Dr. Acula, floating head doctor, Turk getting jiggy with it, Ted, The Janitor, Kelso’s ‘son issues’, The Todd and more moments too numerous to mention. That said, I never thought I’d see the day when SCRUBS would sink to the level of HOME IMPROVEMENT and employ the dreaded classic sitcom clip show.

A clip show!? Seriously, a frakkin’ CLIP SHOW! Why Bill Why? Did your brilliant musical episode really take that much out of the cast and writing staff?

Okay, perhaps I’m a tad melodramatic (as The Fray’s HOW TO SAVE A LIFE plays in my head). After-all, even with a clip show, you still managed to give us two hilarious moments (Turk—ey bacon, and J.D. joke comment about The Fray). For now, I’m going to let your generic sitcom screw-up slide. Just promise me it won’t happen again. You do not want to risk the wrath of an angry TV Addict — or an even angrier Janitor who’ve I’ve paid to exact my revenge.

Keep up the great work,

Daniel (theTVaddict)

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  • “invisible head doctor” isn’t it “floating head doctor” ?

  • Paul… Thanks… I had a feeling I was wrong… I pictured a body… a head… I’ll be making that change right now. I bow down to your SCRUBS knowledge.

  • Jon

    Dr. Acula, although hilarious, is not a Scrubs original. It was originally from a Johnny Depp movie entitled “Ed Wood.” Mitch Hedberg also did a joke similar to the one used in Scrubs shortly before he passed away.

  • Tim

    I agree with the posting. Just because you throw in a line making fun of clip shows doesn’t make yours any better than any other shows. I’d rather watch a rerun than a clip show, they are useless.

  • LN

    I haven’t seen the episode and I most likely won’t.
    It kills me to say this but here it goes: Scrubs USED TO BE great. The writing, the acting… now everything is so over the top! It gets too weird to hit home.
    I bought the first three seasons on DVD and you can totally see the difference in quality. So the clip show does not surpise me.

  • quick question why the hell is dr. cox bald??? i think its weird no one commented on that (on the show) is it a health thing and that why the ignored the bald elephant in the room? or did i miss an episode or something???

    if you could tell me why cox is bald thatd be great

    oh and where the hell is jordan that witch is one of the best parts of that show

  • Kristy,

    I think Dr. Cox being bald is actually going to be explained in a later episode. I feel as though NBC aired the episodes out of sequence, and the reason for his lack of hair will be explained soon.

    Stay Tuned….

  • omg

    The clip show what a great way to show all the the brillant work that scrubs has done over the last 6 seasons i cant believe such small minded, uninventive people what write so much crap about not enjoying it. who really dosent like to watch the funniest parts of there favourite tv show (GET A LIFE)

    signed omg i cant believe people write so much crap if you think you can do better get of the couch and write your own tv series

  • simon

    i think they were trying to do something interesting with the idea of a clip show but really aside from the original jokes, any form of a clip show is guaranteed to be garbage

    in terms of the quality of the show, i have the first four seasons on DVD and am up to Season 6 Episode 16 in terms of viewing and I honestly cant see any drop in quality from Series One

  • Frezz

    What is the name of the son they use in the dance part of the clip show?? dying to know…