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It’s hard to believe that the regular tv season is almost over! Over the course of the next couple of months, we will start to see the season finale of many shows as well as the series finale of others. It’s a time of year that I don’t really look forward to, because I know I’ll miss great shows, like my favorites Grey’s Anatomy til next Fall and Veronica Mars possibly gone forever after this season. It’s hard to even think about! But, carpe diem! Seize the day! Still lots on, so let’s see what’s new this week. 🙂


Sunday, check out the new night and time for The War at Home at 7:30/6:30c on FOX. Dave and two co-workers quit their jobs and start their own business; Hillary decides to join the Army; Larry does not want to get his driver’s license. I know a lot of you aren’t fans, but my husband & I are! Since Michael Rapaport (from Boston Public & many movies) is being courted for a new pilot next season, I think I read recently, I wouldn’t count on this one coming back. 🙁

Also on FOX, check out the premiere and 2nd episodes of The Winner at 8:30/7:30c and 9:30/8:30c. Narrated by a 43-and-a-half-year-old, incredibly rich and successful man, “The Winner” looks back to when the man lost his innocence and finally stepped into the world — at the tender age of 32. It’s 1994, and Glen Abbott is still living with his parents. When Alison, the only girl he’s ever kissed, moves back to town, Glen decides to make something of himself in order to impress her. It’s not in vain, thankfully — for this unlikely underdog will eventually transform from nervous under-achiever to the richest man in Buffalo in just a few years. At the moment, though, the only person Glen can truly relate to happens to be Alison’s 13-year-old son, Josh; they’re both going through “puberty.” Parental guidance comes courtesy of Glenn’s enabling mother Irene and supportive but usually angry dad Ron. It looks pretty funny, but we’ll see!

Also on tonight:

  • Girls Next Door *Season Premiere*
  • Battlestar Galactica *New Episode*
  • Brothers & Sisters *New Episode*
  • Cold Case *New Episode*
  • Deal or No Deal *New Episode*
  • Desperate Housewives *New Episode*
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition *New Episode*
  • Family Guy *New Episode*
  • Grease: You’re the One That I Want *New Episode*
  • The Amazing Race *New Episode*
  • The Apprentice: Los Angeles *New Episode*
  • The Dresden Files *New Episode*
  • The L Word *New Episode*
  • The Simpsons *New Episode*
  • Without a Trace *New Episode*
  • America’s Next Top Model *Repeat*


Monday, watch the season & probably series finale of The Class at 8:30/7:30c on CBS. The classmates rally around Nicole at the hospital after Yonk suffers a massive heart attack and must undergo quintuple-bypass surgery. Suck! The New Adventures of Old Christine comes back soon and I think Rules of Engagement is doing better ratings-wise than The Class, so I have my doubts The Class will be back after this season. 🙁

Then at 10/9c on NBC, catch the new episode of The Black Donnellys. As the family learns of Sean’s condition, Jimmy impatiently sits in a holding cell; Tommy confides in a longtime childhood friend, which leads to more than friendship.

Also on tonight:

  • 24 *New Episode*
  • All of Us *New Episode*
  • Deal or No Deal *New Episode*
  • Everybody Hates Chris *New Episode*
  • Girlfriends *New Episode*
  • Heroes *New Episode*
  • Lincoln Heights *New Episode*
  • Prison Break *New Episode*
  • Rules of Engagement *New Episode*
  • Supernanny *New Episode*
  • The Class *New Episode*
  • The Game *New Episode*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • What About Brian *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*
  • Wildfire *New Episode*
  • CSI: Miami *Repeat*
  • How I Met Your Mother *Repeat*
  • Two and a Half Men *Repeat*
  • Wife Swap *Repeat*


Tuesday, watch House on FOX at 9/8c. Dave Matthews guest stars as a 35-year-old musical savant who is admitted to the hospital with a rare movement disorder; Cameron discovers that House has been in contact with a Massachusetts hospital.

If you are a fan of Veronica Mars, boycott the CW network at 9/8c. Their stupid new reality show, Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search for the Next Doll premieres in place of VM this week. Hrmph.

Also on tonight:

  • Watch Over Me *Series Finale*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *Series Finale*
  • American Idol *New Episode*
  • Bad Girl’s Club *New Episode*
  • Dirt *New Episode*
  • Gilmore Girls *New Episode*
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos *Repeat*
  • Boston Legal *Repeat*
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent *Repeat*
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit *Repeat*
  • NCIS *Repeat*
  • The Unit *Repeat*


Wednesday, watch the new episode of Crossing Jordan on its new night and time at 9/8c. A serial killer uses a blog to taunt Nigel with clues that lead to a real murder scene; Jordan finds a mistake that may have sent an innocent man to prison. I am pretty darn sure it’s the last season of CJ too. 🙁

Then stick around for Medium at 10/9c. Allison wakes up as her teenage self, struggling with her ability; teenage Allison dreams of her future self and a meeting with the boy next door, which helps her to solve a present-day crime. Sounds interesting! I love this show. 😀

Also tonight, watch the premiere of The Wedding Bells at 9/8c on FOX. It’s a romantic dramedy about a family-owned wedding planning business dedicated to helping its clients live happily ever after… or at least until they get to the parking lot. It stars Teri Polo, KaDee Stickland and Sarah Jones as the Bell sisters.

Also on tonight:

  • South Park *Season Premiere*
  • As Anna’s World Turns *1-Hr Special Presentation on MyNetworkTV*
  • According to Jim *New Episode*
  • American Idol *2-Hour New Episode*
  • America’s Next Top Model *New Episode*
  • George Lopez *New Episode*
  • In Case of Emergency *New Episode*
  • Jericho *New Episode*
  • Lost *New Episode*
  • The Knights of Prosperity *New Episode*
  • Criminal Minds *Repeat*
  • CSI: NY *Repeat*
  • Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll *Repeat*


Thursday, one of the only two new comedies on NBC is Scrubs at 9/8c. Upon his release from the hospital, military authorities inform Pvt. Dancer that his injuries are too severe for him to return to service.

The other is 30 Rock at 9:32/8:32c. Jack gives his down-and-out brother (Nathan Lane!) a job at the show; Liz must make staff cutbacks; Tracy seeks spiritual fulfillment with Kenneth’s help.

Also on tonight:

  • American Idol *New Episode*
  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? *New Episode*
  • Survivor *New Episode*
  • 30 Rock *Repeat*
  • CSI *Repeat*
  • Grey’s Anatomy *Repeat*
  • Men in Trees *Repeat*
  • My Name is Earl *Repeat*
  • Shark *Repeat*
  • Smallville *Repeat*
  • Supernatural *Repeat*
  • The Office *2 Repeat Episodes* (“The Merger” & “The Convict”)
  • Ugly Betty *Repeat*


Friday, catch the season finale of Las Vegas on NBC at 9/8c. Mike discovers that Sam has been kidnapped (how creepy was that guy??); Danny takes drastic measures to help a friend avoid being deployed to Iraq; Delinda learns life-altering news. This is the last episode with Mary & Ed. James Caan asked to be let out of his contract so he could pursue movies or stage or something. Nikki Cox was surprised when she was fired for budgetary reasons. How will they end Mary’s storyline?? She’s got a gun… Wonder if that plays into anything.

Also on tonight:

  • WWE Friday Night Smackdown *Sports*
  • 1 vs 100 *New Episode*
  • Close to Home *New Episode*
  • Numb3rs *New Episode*
  • Ghost Whisperer *Repeat*
  • Grey’s Anatomy *Repeat*
  • House *Repeat*
  • Law & Order *Repeat*
  • The Wedding Bells *Repeat*
  • Wife Swap *Repeat*

For those of you that deal with Daylight Savings Time, don’t forget to turn your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night! Bleh, losing an hour of sleep. Not good! 😉

— Jenny

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  • John

    “If you are a fan of Veronica Mars, boycott the CW network at 9/8c. Their stupid new reality show, Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search for the Next Doll premieres in place of VM this week. Hrmph.”

    If you are a fan of functioning brain cells, don’t watch this crap.

  • Jenny

    roflmao I was trying to be nice, but yeah, that’s pretty much it. 😀 lol

  • Tim

    I could care less about the search for a new “Doll”. Puh leeze. Is Barbie too busy? Tim aka Colege Virgin

  • Yeah the New Adventures of New Christine will be back and kicking. You can see new pics…or go to Innertube and watch some clips.

  • Derek

    wasnt 30 rock and scrubs both new this week?