We Declare Today Canada Day!

theTVaddict.com is declaring today — a cold and dreary Sunday in March — CANADA DAY in the world of television. Now before you run to turn OFF your television in fear of a surprise Celine Dion guest appearance on EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION, let me me take a moment to explain why we’ve declared today Canada Day Part Duex.

FOX’s latest attempt to replicate their animated SIMPSONS success premieres tonight with the first two episodes of the Seth MacFarlane (FAMILY GUY) produced half hour laugher called THE WINNER. THE WINNER, stars everybody’s (or at least our) favourite DAILY SHOW correspondent Rob Corrdry as Glen Abbott, a 32-year-old man-child still living at home with his parents in early 1990s Buffalo.
THE WINNER has not one, but two Canadian connections. Glen Abbott’s life is based on the life of Native Montrealer Ricky Blitt. Who not only wrote the pilot, but conceded in a recent interview with the Toronto Star that the show is “very autobiographical.”

The show’s second Canadian connection belongs to young Keir Gilchrist. The local Torontonian, who at 14, must hold his own against funny-man Rob Corrdry. Gilchrist plays the teenage neighbor who Corrdry befriends in order to get closer to his mom, who coincidentally happens to be his childhood crush. “He’s like a 35-year-old and I’m like a 14-year-old,” says co-star Rob Corrddry of Gilchrist. “So we sort of meet in the middle”

theTVaddict’s new favourite drama (alongside FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) returns tonight after an Oscar hiatus. On tonight’s episode, entitled “The Other Walker”, the family discovers what the audience has known for quite a while — William and Holly had a child together named Rebecca.
‘The Other’ that the episode’s title is referring to is none other then fellow Canadian (Port Perry native) and EVERWOOD alum Emily VanCamp. Emily plays Rebecca, who as you can see from this clip, made quite an impression on a shocked Tommy Walker at the end of BROTHERS & SISTERS last episode. We at theTVaddict.com cannot wait for sparks to fly tonight when the entire family discovers The Other Walker.’ And knowing the modus operandi of the Walker clan, we predict that the episode will end with one very memorable and akward tear-soaked family dinner. Seriously, can someone tell us why the Walker Family even bothers to sit down for dinner? It never ends well!

NIP/TUCK: Season 4
Tonight at 10PM, CTV will finally start broadcasting the fourth season of NIP/TUCK. This TV Addict has a message for CTV (the self-proclaimed Canadian Television Network). To little too late!
Canadians (like myself) who love NIP/TUCK already took it upon themselves to watch the fourth season in its entirety. In case you didn’t receive the memo CTV — we’re living in the golden age of internet video. It’s no longer acceptable practice for you to hold off on airing our favourite American shows until it fits into YOUR schedule. It’s time for you to start respecting your audience and start taking into account OUR schedule.

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    Man I didn’t even know that Nip/Tuck started last night, there wasn’t any ads for it or anything. CTV is lucky that I have already seen the fourth season or I would be mighty unimpressed

  • CTV’s move is more of a Canadian DISconnection!