Last night was a busy night for this TV Addict, so busy in fact that I had to PVR BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Yet after reading headlines like ‘What to make of Starbuck’s “Galactica” surprise’ and ‘Katee Sackhoff “Shocked” and “blown away when she first read the script’ I knew I had to get my priorities straight, cast aside my ‘real work’ and get to my television immediately (Of course if my ‘boss’ is reading this…. I really am hard at work typing away like a busy bee).

We all knew it was coming. In fact, in an interview with Maureen Ryan months ago, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA masterminds Ronald D. Moore and David Eick essentially told us that “Galactica will suffer a shocking loss and Kara is a key member of the crew.” That said, I did not expect Kara’s ‘death’ to be so sudden. Her ship exploded, the credits rolled and I sat in front of the television in shock.

Kara Thrace can’t be dead. She was the heart and soul of Galactica. Her emotion, anger and constant will to survive always gave this us hope that against all odds, the Cylons would never defeat our intrepid heroes. With Kara gone, will anything ever be the same? Will BATTLESTAR GALACTICA be the same show that it once was? Ronald D. Moore certainly doesn’t think so, as he reiterated to Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune.

“It’s a fundamental and permanent change in the makeup of the show’s cast and of the show itself and how the show operates and what the show is about. It’s a very dramatic change of direction.”

Okay, so we’re getting a fundamental and permanent change to the make up of the show — a dramatic change of direction. What exactly does that mean?

This TV Addict’s theory involves a complex mathematical equation that proves the existence of a third dimensional… okay, who am I kidding — I watch far too much television to be good at math. Here’s my theory: Kara “Starbuck” Thrace is gone from Galactica but not the show itself. She’ll appear in a shocking scene that ends the season on a cliffhanger and make good on David Eick’s promise that, “the reverberations will be felt into the following season.”

Starbuck will be back. As a Cylon? One of the mysterious final five? I honestly have no idea. But mark my words, we haven’t see the last of Kara Thrace. Post away with your theories.

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  • marmalade

    You’re right. She’ll be back. Ain’t no way she won’t be back. And, for my part, I would like to give a salute to the hotness that is Callum Keith Rennie in this particular epi.

  • Erica

    Destiny does not mean “blown to bits for no reason”.

  • Erica 😀

  • cybrvid

    Bottom Line. If Kara is gone (Katee Sackhoff) So is this viewer.

  • Angela

    I feel the same way. If Kara is gone then I am too. As much as I like the way the show goes into all sides of the story, this is still a fight for survival and Kara was the prime example. Fight until you can’t. I’m worried this is going to follow some script out of Stargate SG1 as a Daniel character or Will from STNG. No matter WHAT she comes back as, she won’t be human.
    And on a personal note, I REALLY don’t like Dee.

  • Jeff her is a theory to think about. I agree with the comment above (destiny is not blowing yourself to bits for no reason.) Starbuck is THE show so she will be back and she will be human. We know that the fleet is going to start looking for Earth again but they don’t know where to go. The only clue is the supernova. Kara’s destiny is to point them in the right direction.


    She did not blow up into little piece of Starbucky balls. The storm, created by the supernova, is a portal to the Orion constellation (or a planet within.) She will come back through the portal or wormhole and we will watch a couple of episodes where she is trying to convince Galactica that she is not a cylon and they need to fly into the storm before the portal closes. The Cylons are on the same trail as she is because the raider she saw was flying in and out of the portal trying to figure out how all of it fit together.

    Galactica will trust her, find out that she was telling the truth and fly the rest of the fleet through the storm with Vipers as escorts (much like as they did with the radiation cloud.) The fleet will make it in plenty of time and everything will seem all good.

    But!! At the last moment the Cylons will jump through the portal before it closes. At this point the humans and Cylons are in the same space at the same time. Galactica and the rest of the fleet will not have any coordinated jump coordinates because they have not done the calculation with the new space they are in. A battle will ensue until the Galactica can calculate a safe jump area and fleet can get its act together. And then we breath again…

    But..that is just my idea of a good ½ season 4.

    I also have a theory about how Baltar is the source of the enitre conflict. He is not Cylon or a god. Post if you’re interested to hear.

  • Angela

    Outstanding! I’m listening…

  • Jeff, wow.. really.. um.. .detailed theory… Anyway, sounds good.. I’m waiting to see how close you are.

  • Anna

    I am so glad that Starbuck is gone and I hope that she NEVER comes back. Not as a human or a cyclon!!!!!!!! She was a “fracking” pain in the ass. The character had run it’s course and good riddance to her!!