Last night’s BROTHERS & SISTERS finally gave fans more of a concrete look at the mysterious Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) and for the first time took our sympathies for the grieving Walker clan and transferred them to Holly (Bill… sorry William’s secret affair, in case you’re new to the show). Who it turns out, may not be as evil as those ‘other woman’ are often portrayed.

Throughout the episode members of the Walker family just happened to run into Rebecca, who they’ve conveniently been able to avoid for about twenty years. First Tommy, then Saul and finally Sarah — which is when things really started to get interesting.

While I do think it was completely appalling that Sarah would take it upon herself to reveal the truth about William to Rebecca (Again, in case you haven’t been following, Rebecca doesn’t know that William was her father and that she’s got this whole other family!). I somewhat understand why she did it. Sarah’s life is pretty much falling apart. Her marriage, her business (with Tommy starting up the Vineyard with Holly), her family situation. Can you really blame her for wanting to take control of the one thing she possibly could?

That said, Holly had every right to be angry, and it will be tons of fun for us viewers to watch Holly stop playing nice with Sarah. If there’s one thing we learned from PRISON BREAK (aside from the fact that it seems pretty easy to break out of prison as long as you have a map tattooed to your body and a ‘plan’) is that an angry Patricia Wettig is far more fun to watch than a nice one.

And how did the rest of the family deal with the news? Truth be told, we’re not really sure. The writers have cleverly decided to ensure that Rebecca only meets the Walker Bunch one family member at a time. It could be weeks until we get the scene we’re already dying to see — the moment when Nora lays her eyes on Rebecca.

For now we’ll have to settle with one really nice moment between Justin and Rebecca to end off the episode. Here’s hoping that since it appears as though Justin is no longer the ‘baby’ of the family, he’ll have that extra incentive to remain clean and sober in order to set an example for his newly discovered younger sister.

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  • ooh Sarah made me so angry last night!! I cannot believe she told Rebecca about her father!!! And one other thing – how old is Justin supposed to be? I guess I thought of him as being like 25? But if Rebecca (who is 20) was the girlfriend of his High School buddy, then maybe he’s only 22ish? Seems older…


    My concise thoughts on last night’s episode:

    Rebecca — Adorable
    Holly — Sympathetic
    Justin — 20? really…
    Kitty — Thoughtful
    Tommy — Independant
    Sol — Between a rock and a hard place
    Sarah — Unstable and somewhat evil
    Kevin — So Ignorant….. you don’t want to piss off the Perez wannabe

  • Amrie,

    I couldn’t agree more. For some reason I just assumed that Justin was 25. But in reality, he definitely could be around 22/23 with his friend dating a younger girl. Or he could be 20… this is after all TV land where real life ages never seem to really make sense…. Andrea Zuckerman on 90210…. should a college freshman really be 35 in real life?!?!

  • (it’s SAUL, hehe)

    Oh, and I saw Heroes already. It’s SWEEEEEEEEEET.

  • Tony

    Justin could still be about 24: If he was a senior, his friend could have been a sophomore and Rebecca could have been a freshmen, making him 3-4 years older than her.

  • Jane

    I couldn’t believe Sarah. She was totally cruel. No wonder her marraige is in trouble.

  • Tonya

    The vindictive bitch in me sympathized with Sarah…She keeps taking hit after hit by the affects of this affair and this was the only way she knew how to take back control of situation/her life. I was really disapointed that they didn’t show the converstation between her and Rebecca though. I think both actresses would have really done well in that scene.

  • I was happy to see what Sarah did. You could tell that Rebecca and Holly never had the best relationship to begin with so this was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’d like to see the Walker sibs welcome Rebecca into the fold.

  • Shannon

    I wondered about the age thing with Justin too. I assumed he was like 26 because, in the episode where they flash backed to 9-11, it was then that he decided (without his parents permission) to enlist. You have to be 18 to enlist without a parent’s permission so he would have to have been at least 18 in 2001 which was almost 6 years ago. Plus he served his required 4 year term. He has to be 24, at least, maybe older.

  • TeenieBopper

    Watching TV is so much easier when you take some things at face value. I’m willing to let the whole Justin’s age thing slide since it seems like a fairly minor price to pay for the last five minutes of the episode, and what I hope to be the happiest relationship between Rebecca and any of the Walker siblings.

    “You know, it’s funny that we could’ve-”
    “Oh, the Greek tragedy of it all.”

    Am I the only one who had serious Everwood flashbacks during that exchange?

  • B&S is now my new Everwood. I also loved the Saul/Nora interaction. They are award winning actors who give such realistic performances. … Just LOVE this show.

  • MiChelle

    Ok, I am sooooo siding with Sarah. I think Holly got just what she deserved. I dont understand how anybody could be sympathetic to Holly…she is soooo selfish. I understand that affairs happen even with good people involved, but come on…Holly took it to the next level when she demanded part of the family business. That was unbelievable to me, and then she is dating their uncle. This chick is SELFISH!!

    Not even to mention…that not telling Rebecca the truth was not for Rebecca’s sake but for her own….. Then she had the nerve to tell Sarah it wasn’t her place…I have to agree with Sarah — it was not HOlly’s place to have an affair with a married man who had five kids and to make such demands on the family business and to take advantage of Tommy’s insecurities with stories from the grave —- and split the family again!!! This chick is ridiculous. Surely, it is not unreasonable to think about the fact that the Walker family is reiling from the knowlege of the affair in the first place, and that William himself would not have wanted Holly to thrust herself into their lives the way that she did and to get Tommy to leave the FAMILY BUSINESS. I mean take the five million and BOUNCE!!!

  • Michelle

    Oh, and I agree….the age thing with Justin is a little weird. Geeze!

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