Is it the End of THE CLASS?

On tonight’s season finale of THE CLASS, the most pressing question isn’t whether or not football star Yonk Allen will survive the heart attack he suffered in last week’s penultimate epidode. The real question is whether tonight’s season finale is actually the series send off for this under-appreciated comedic gem.

Since surviving a rocky launch last September thanks to some less than funny story-telling and casting decisions — THE CLASS quickly put its thinking cap on, condensed its classroom, channelled the class clown and quietly evolved into one of the most enjoyable half hours on television. While the sitcom has yet to garner critical acclaim like ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and lacks the audience following of say a FRIENDS, it does features a very likeable cast (namely the hilarious Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and their very own version of ‘Ross and Rachel’ — Nicole and Duncan (or is it now Pam and Jim?). As fans of quality television, we can only hope that CBS (in its infinite wisdom) decides to keep school in session and allow THE CLASS to graduate to grade four. After-all, having watched Richie Velch for almost a year now — we’re quite sure that a year or so more in school could do him some good. (THE CLASS airs on CBS at 8:30PM)

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  • The Class has grown on me since the beginning. It’s a nice way to fill out the hour with the infinitely superior How I Met Your Mother. I wouldn’t necessarily mourn it’s death, but I would definitely watch more of it if it continued.

  • i’d miss it i love richie and leena and when is fern gonna kill holly? now thatd be good tv plus its john ritter’s son and he’s doing such a good job!

    i say keep the class going!!

  • Jon

    I love both How I Met Your Mother and The Class. It’s much better than the garbage that follows it at 9 (how much longer can Two and a Half Men stay on the air?!).

    CBS did have faith in The Class at some point. They did give it the opening 8pm timeslot. That has to mean something. I hope that CBS gives The Class another chance. Hell, they did it for Yes, Dear…they can at least give The Class one more season.

  • Monica

    I love this show. Sometimes sitcoms take awhile to work and this is one of them. I am reminded of the slow start that Seinfeld had. Why is it that well written shows are abandoned and unintelligent drivel like According to Jim get six seasons? Richie is the funniest character I have seen in a long time. The episode where he crashes is comedy gold. I really like the fact that this show is unpredictable unlike most sitcoms. I never know what is going to happen.

  • Scott

    I guess this show is (was?) OK, but to compare it to a classic like “Arrested Development” is a travesty in my opinion.

    “The Class” is a competently executed sitcom, no more no less. Considering that 99% of the sitcoms out there are pure junk, that’s pretty high praise!

  • Scott,

    Please don’t misinterpret my post. THE CLASS is not in the same league as ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT… it’s simply far more entertaining than a lot of comedies out there…

    I think, especially after last night’s fantastic finale, THE CLASS deserves a second chance.