A Seventh Season of SCRUBS Close

Looks like we’re going to get that final helping of Turk-ey Bacon after-all. Reuters is reporting that Zach Braff is about to sign a deal to ensure SCRUBS sees a seventh and final season. According to Reuters:

“The actor has cut a one-year deal with “Scrubs” producer ABC TV Studio that will pay him about $350,000 per episode for the 2007-08 season of SCRUBS”

Of course, the deal only happens if NBC picks up SCRUBS for a seventh season. But considering the network is investing significant dollars on their new marketing campaign “Comedy Night Done Right,” we at theTVaddict.com think a pick-up is a sure thing. Afterall, without SCRUBS, is comedy night really done right? We certainly doesn’t think so!

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  • WestCoastPat

    I’ve been a Scrubs fan since Season 1, but the show doesn’t need a 7th season. If this past week’s clip show was evidence of anything, it is that the show is spent and needs to bow out gracefully. Yeah, it is still better than pretty much every other 30 min comedy on TV, but that doesn’t mean they should keep forcing it when it is but a shadow of its former self.

  • “It´s better to burn out rather than fade away”

    Or something like that. Last episode was a nice recap, still, it only shows that there is no more story to tell… let the characters remain in our memories like ever-funny aquaintences and don´t kill them as tedious numb egos of what they once where…


    mike out.

  • totally agree with both you guys. scrubs is an awesome show, one of the best for sure but too much of a good thing becomes bad. it should end by people saying “oh i wish it never ended” and not by “oh thank god its over, that was getting nowhere…”
    i love scrubs and as much as i’m happy that we get one more season, i just don’t want the show to lose its dignity!
    rita xx

  • Unfirnished

    I can not agree with the first two post’s. I think that the actors whent into this season understanding that it would be the last, but after great gems like the musical episode the passion has come back. This after the following episodes had been written. So the way I see it is they were going through the motions awaiting the next season knowing that it WILL be the last, awaiting new fresh ideas, awaiting closure.


  • Rose


    scrubs is the best.

    it should go on forever.

  • Quietshesaid

    I agree The season six finale almost made me cry
    and i love scrubs May it live forver