Amrie’s Take on TV: An Open Letter…

A few open letters to the writers of some of my favorite shows….because seriously, it has to be done, for their sake, and the sake of my sanity!

Dear Lost creators/writers/executive producers,
I used to be under the impression that, more than any other show, I would follow your thoughts, creative ideas, general “what the heck” storylines, etc., to any night, time, channel, etc. At the end of Season 1, I was your number one fan, spending at least a half hour a day chatting with someone about what everything meant. And I was still kind of that way during Season 2….not as much, because I, like many, cannot stand Michele Rodriguez. It wasn’t that I couldn’t stand her because she was on your show, because she was a “Tailie” and I felt they served minimal purpose….I just couldn’t stand her. Even the small glimpse we got of her at the end of Season 1 got me a bit worried about seeing her in Season 2. I’m all for female empowerment (I supported any and all “Girl Power” movements of the late 90s….go on Spice Girls!), but seriously, she was too strong. She overpowered everything, overacted everything, etc. But I’m getting off topic. What I’m saying to you, Lost writers, is that I want my Season 1 back. Hell, I even want my “Tailie” Season 2 back. Long story short, I’ve grown accustomed to being un-wowed by Season 3, and I’m learning to accept that I’m never going to get any answers, but I, like the 8 million viewers you’ve lost since Season 1, am starting to get bored and a little “done with Lost”. It saddens me, because I used to love it so, but think about it….

There might still be hope,

Dear Ronald Moore and David Eick, and any other bigwig at Battlestar Galactica,
Starbuck is annoying. Laughs too loud, is always drunk. Tries hard to drive a wedge between Lee and Dee, and, when successful, pulls back, and gets married to someone else. She is crass, and vulgar. She is crazy, and maybe a little unstable. She hates everyone. But you know what? I don’t know how to handle BSG without her. Blown to teeny tiny little bits all over outer space, as the love of my, I mean, her life watched. I was not prepared to see Edward James Olmos pull off that silent cry-over-the-statue scene at the end. I had heard rumblings, but being the good spoiler-free girl that I’ve become, I had no idea. That said, I will still hold out hope that something awesome is coming. I sincerely hope that blowing Starbuck to bits wasn’t just an easy way to get out of the Quadrangle that wouldn’t die, and that it has major story-related stuff coming up. I hope that Starbuck is a Final Fiver and that she shows up really, really pissed. You guys still blow me away, and make me giggly with anticipation of new episodes, but you’re skirting a fine line of “Amrie is going to watch something else.”

Starbuck + Lee Adama = 4ever,

Dear 24 people,
I love Jack Bauer (it’s a permanent New Year’s Resolution to love and worship him for all my days on the planet). I love Milo (because Eric “Freakin” Balfour is just everywhere). I love Bill Buchanan, and Chloe, and Karen Hayes. But, and dare I say this, I’m bored this season. I find myself flipping channels when something rather uneventful is happening. I already don’t care about Palmer’s sister, and I really don’t think it was necessary to take out yet another Palmer president. Powers Boothe is seriously awesome, and Chad Lowe oozes with smarm, but I’m not sure they make up for a lackluster season 6. Will the introduction of Ricky Schroder make me smile? Yes, definitely, but I’m not sure there’s anywhere left to go that will truly shock us. I miss the days of Nina-kills-Teri and Jack-needs-a-hacksaw.

Jack Bauer is still my hero,

(Check back later today for more of Amrie’s Open Letters…)

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  • Dominique

    I agree with you on your letter about Lost because I am about to give up on the show since watching it is like a bad habit that I just need to forget and move on. I find it sad because Lost was amazing in season 1 and it got A LOT LESS good in season 2 and wow season 3 is so boring.

    I will disagree on 24 because I still love the show and I still think it is great quality TV unlike some shows on the air but again I am a new fan of 24 since I got obsess with it in the past months by watching the DVD so it is still new for me. And again, I am not a fan of Heroes and I dropped it a month ago just like I dropped Prison Break and I know people love those so I might be wrong about 24.

  • The first question I ask someone who complains about “Lost” is if they enjoy reading books. Real books; not romance novels or “thrillers”. Most of the time they say that they used to read a lot, but enjoy television more. This tells me that they don’t have the attention span necessary for intelligent television, like “Lost”, “Rome”, “The Wire”, “Deadwood”, “Carnivale”, “Jericho”, or “The Unit”. Shows that are more like novels than TV shows, that take awhile to unfold their story, don’t give you all the answers on page 100, and are worth your patience. If you don’t like this season of “Lost”, stop watching. Switch over to “CSI:NY” or “Medium”. They aren’t as good as “Lost”, but they won’t hurt your brain as much.

  • I love reading. I would read a book a week, if I had the time. I also, for the record, love Rome, The Wire, Deadwood, Carnivale, and Jericho. I just think that Lost didn’t take so long in Season 1 and 2 to unfurl everything it needed to. I’m not interested in CSI:NY or Medium enough to switch! I just don’t get as excited as I used to for Lost. And of course, My Take on TV is only my opinion – I’m not asking people to share mine, I’m just voicing it.

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