HEROES: Can This Show Get Any Better?

In this world of over-hyped sweeps stunts, empty promises for answers (yes, I’m talking to you LOST) and constant barrage of internet spoilers, I think I’ve pinpointed why HEROES is going so strong. In-spite of everything, it still manages to surprise its audience. Which simply makes watching the show so much fun.

Last night’s episode was a perfect example of yet another phenomenal chapter in the HEROES saga. Nothing was as it seemed, new (and very cool) Heroes were introduced and Suresh finally got his head in the game as he turned the tables on Sylar. Well sort of.

Yes, timid Professor Mohinder Suresh — who until now seemed to only have the superpower of stupidity — finally clued into his ‘friends’ real identity, tied him to a chair and shot him. Of course Sylar wasn’t going to let a simple bullet end his ultimate plan of world domination (what exactly is his plan by the way?). He quickly turned the tables, taking control of the situation and left Mohinder apparently for dead. Yet this being Heroes, I hardly think Suresh is dead. His family (not so much himself so far) is far too integral to the show’s plot.

Interesting how family units have come to play such an integral part in the show. Think about it. We’ve got the mysterious Nakamura family, the Petrelli family, Nikki/Jessica’s dysfunctional bunch and of course, HRG’s family… who for the first time ever seemed like a truly remarkable bunch.

How great a moment was it between HRG and his wife when she handed him the note he wrote prior to his memory wipe? Even after everything HRG’s put the family through, family ties are still strong. How evil/brilliant/genius was it for Thompson to use HRG’s own family against him? Did your jaw not drop when HRG realized that his ‘wife’ was actually shape-shifter Candace. For a moment, I really thought HRG’s wife was the evil one. But anyone who owns a dog like Mr. Muggles can’t be bad — Can they?

Quick kudos to two off my most annoying Heroes (or is it three) — Niki/Jessica and Hiro. Niki/Jessica, or Nessica for short — you didn’t annoy me this week. I have no idea how your abillities really work, but it’s nice to see Niki getting the upper hand. Hiro, I have to say, I was shocked that Linderman’s sword actually gave you back your power. I really thought that you’d learn that the power is inside of you (cue: ‘GI: JOE The More You Know’ music) and that the sword was nothing more then a placebo. That said, your escaping into the future was mighty cool and I’m thrilled that you took Ando along for the ride. Loved Ando’s triumphant return, I wonder if he has superpowers? Oh wait he already does (cue: ‘Cheesy FULL HOUSE music) — the power of friendship.

The Petrelli family. So many questions, first of which is — what’s the deal with the Petrelli matriarch and what is her involvement in all of this? Why does she know french? What is her connection to the Haitian? And is her husband really dead?

And finally, the biggest surprise of all, NBC’s marketing machine actually delivered on a promise. Sure we were teased all week that we’d be meeting the elusive Mr. Linderman. But who among us actually we’d get a substantial scene?. Knowing how the world of over-hyped television works, I fully expected us to ‘meet’ Mr. Linderman for one second near the episode’s end to ensure we’d tune in next month when the show finally returns in April (as if there was a chance we wouldn’t!). Well surprise, surprise, Mr. Linderman actually had a scene and more importantly he revealed some pretty interesting things. Namely that he knows about Nathan’s ability, he has seen the future and that Nathan will be a ‘stones throw from the Presidency in two years.’ Needless to say we’re intrigued and April can’t come soon enough.

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  • Davey

    Linderman is Nathan’s father….

  • I have not seen this show yet but I’m going to Tivo this show right now.

  • Kitty Pryde

    Actually, G.I. Joe was “Now I know, and knowing is half the battle! Yoooo JOE!”

    “The more you know” was NBC’s celebrity PSA slogan.

    Loved your article, however-save the thing about Hiro-I agree he’s been one-note lately, but I really loved a lot of the earlier episodes with him. You know they HAVE to have a fanboy hero on this show!

  • Holy crap man, this episode ripped my stomach out. It’s by far one of the best, and on it’s way to be the best, show on TV. Let’s see who can compete 😛

  • Good episode, Mohinder is still alive though.

  • Sougent

    Maybe Peter’s scar is there because his head isn’t on straight when he heals…….

    Based on stepping through the previews a frame at a time (yes, silly isn’t it?) , it looks like Sylar is distracted by something after he’s cut Peter’s head, my guess is that Claude’s (there’s one frame with what looks like a hazy figure standing there) been tailing Peter and distracts Sylar (probably with a smart ass comment) giving Peter enough time to focus and use the TK powers he originally absorbed from Sylar to pick Sylar up and fling him out the window, which would naturally break Sylar’s concentration causing Mohinder to fall to the floor.

  • Good right up above. Especially the comment about the theory on Fate in this series. Definately the only reason to watch TV. And lets be honest outside the US no one watches this show on TV.

    What happened to Wireless when they went to confront HRG (who is excellent, how to turn baddie to goodie with brilliant plot and motivation).

    Matt Parker darn! recruited for the man. There are plenty more Good guys then Bad guys. Somewhere (as with Lost and all these shows) Someone like Peter or Nathan should organise a night out in a bar invite everyone that is a superpower and have a good old chinwag about what they all know. That simple… Get pissed and show off each others skills then just go confront any of the bad guys. What don’t mobile phones exist? What about a txt here and there to update each other.

    Hey Mohinder I can do load of sh!t now… Really – I have Syler – Let me call my moody brother and see if he is a good guy yet.

  • Sougent

    Peter really ought to work for HRG’s organization, then he’d run into all sorts of people with neat powers and absorb them all.

  • thinlenn

    wireless can be found here for those that haven’t found here http://www.samantha48616e61.com

    she keeps a blog and you’re able to keep up….you can also go to http://www.primatechpaper.com if you haven’t i assume that everyone is at least as web savvy as I ain’t I don’t care about fate and intent of fate in the show comics have always chosen that ideology changes and whatever happens at the end of the day yes this is the best on TV but it is a comic there is only implanted logic.. i also find it odd that no one is thinking about Pete’s invisible friend and his inexplicable ability to overpower the stron peter with a simple knock to the skull…sure Sylar should be able to hear him but the series has shown that he is weakest physically when he uses his telekinesis and I believe Pete and the Haitian were in a police headquarters in texas at the same time food for thought

  • Tamer Elfiky

    #1 Hiro is NOT annoying
    #2 Mohinder Will not Die
    #3 Issac is going to die
    #4 Mrs. Petrelli works with the Haitian and Claude’
    #5 Nikki and Jessica are not the same person and will soon be able to slit when they need to
    #6 Mr. Linderman has powersw and may be peters father and not nathans
    #7 Ando and Hiro both ahve completeing powers.. while hiro can stop time ando can reverse it
    #8 wireless girl works with HRG and was send by him to get ted to get him out of the Paper company
    #9 Heroes all kick ass
    #10 sadly enough the season final will include the nuclear bomb going boom(ie: peter coming into contact with ted)

  • Tamer Elfiky

    i forgot to mention that peter will ahve no scar… since hiro has not seen him except after the cheerleader was supposed to die thus peter was never going to meet claire and thus never gain healing abilities before hiro told him to save her ( i know its sounds complicated) If Hiro didnt come from the future to tell peter to save teh cheerleader then she wouldve died and peters stand off with syalr would end in a scar.. but since peter saved claire and gained her powers then he will heel and not get a scar….. so he doesnt ahve to lok like crap for the rest of the show (imagine looking different with out the scar… must be some huge ass scar)
    contact me at ibn_bobby@hotmail.com if you think i know it all

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