theTVaddict Goes to Hollywood (Day 1)

I’ve always had a little anxiety when it comes to flying. My fear doesn’t stem from a fear of death or total lack of airplane security — having once inadvertently smuggled an exacto knife on board a plane — it’s more so about the in-flight entertainment. Nothing screams doom like sitting down in your seat only to find out that you’ll be forced to sit through a double feature of ACCORDING TO JIM episodes and some foreign language film chronicling a Red Violin.

That said, if you’re disappointed with the lack of updates today on, know that I have a good reason. I’ll be hurdling across the country in a race against time to ensure I make it to the Paley Festival in time for the much anticipated DEXTER event tonight. Stay Tuned…

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  • Mom

    Can’t wait to read your comments about Dexter.