She’s survived the murder of her best friend, crazy Ol’Aaron Echolls and Beav… err sorry Cassidy Casablancas? But the question on this TV Addict’s mind is will VERONICA MARS be able to survive her biggest obstacle yet — a bunch of Pussycat Dolls?

In yet another sign of the apocalypse, THE SEARCH FOR THE NEW PUSSYCAT DOLLS actually performed better than VERONICA MARS, delivering all-time highs for the CW in its Tuesday at 9PM time-slot (even scoring higher than GILMORE GIRLS among teenagers).

In more bad news, Michael Ausiello is reporting that the actor who put the PIZ into PIZONICA™ — Chris Lowell — has just been added to the cast of the new GREY’S ANATOMY spin-off starring Kate Walsh (Addison She… what exactly is her last name now that’s she’s divorced?) While the casting of Chris Lowell doesn’t mean the end of VERONICA MARS, it’s never a good sign when actors are actively looking for work.

To ensure VERONICA MARS doesn’t go the way of EVERWOOD, check out and find out how you can help. Any chance we can get that ferris wheel out of storage?

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  • It’s Dr. Montgomery, thank you very much.

  • Dominique

    I don’t think the first ratings of The search for the next whatever are the ones we should worry about since maybe people tune in because it was the premiere of a new show. Let’s see how it does next tuesday and in the weeks to come.

    While I am not sure about the Grey’s spin-off, I am happy for Chris Lowell. It is not like he was a big part of VM this season anyway. When I heard Chris would be on VM I was so happy but his part is not that big so I hope he gets something bigger and better on the new GA spin-off. I will miss Piz if VM comes back next season. The production team of the GA spin-off are building a strong team if you ask me. Not only is my favorite character of GA on board (Addison) but I read that Tim Daly, Taye Diggs and now Chris Lowell have all been cast. I am really curious now… But casting Tim Daly is never a good sign. Anyone remember the amazing The Nine? Or the show before that he did?

  • Tim G — I bow down to your GREY’S knowledge.

    Dominique — Tim Daly’s show before THE NINE was EYES on ABC, and it was fantastic. Sadly cancelled well before its time and co-starred my favourite resident of MELROSE PLACE — Laura Leighton (Sydney)

  • Tim

    I have signed the petition. And no offense, but Piz is Fizz on VM. He’s cute, but I didn’t pick up any chemistry betweent VM and Piz? Or is it Pip? Whatever. lol Tim W. aka college virgin