Amrie’s Take on TV: An Open Letter… (Part II)

A few open letters to the writers of some of my favorite shows….because seriously, it has to be done, for their sake, and the sake of my sanity!

Dear David Rosenthal and anyone involved in Season 7 of Gilmore Girls,
I hated Christopher. From like Season 2 until now. I understand you were written into a corner with that doozy of a season finale last year, but in my opinion, you could have climbed out of that hole a lot faster than you did. We only have like 2 months left on what could be the final season (considering I’m hearing rumblings that the Girls aren’t signing on for Season 8). You’ve blown these characters up to much, emotionally, that I’m not sure, in the final 2 months, they can recover enough to be back where they should. I don’t want to get to the point, where in May, because you didn’t have enough time, you rush ahead in time, and are forced to do a “here’s what would have happened if we had kept going” kind of flash forward. There is still hope for you. I’m still watching. I’m just a little bit apathetic about where you’re headed.

Stars Hollow is the greatest place,

Dear Grey’s Anatomy people,
Meredith almost dies, and she gets to meet and greet with all of those patients who she meant something to. On any other show, I might buy that and be completely blown away because of how “out there” it was, but the 3 part arc about the ferry fire didn’t wow me as much as maybe it should. Yes, the actors sold every single line they were given to spout, but I felt it couldn’t have been contained to two solid hours. It was a pleasure to see Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and Dean and Sam’s Dad (aka Denny, Jeffrey Dean Morgan). But I could have done without Izzie’s “holier than thou” sermon to George. I also want to touch on the spinoff idea. I love Kate Walsh. She made a character we SHOULD hate into my favorite character on the show. But I can’t say that I believe a show based solely on her will fly with Grey’s fans. If anything, it’ll divide the diehard fans of Addison from the diehard fans of Meredith. It’s a risky toss up, and I worry it might be the beginning of the end. Be careful!

I love Patrick Dempsey’s har,

Dear Peter Berg and the creators, actors, and anyone remotely involved in Friday Night Lights,
I love you all so much. You’re perfect. The End.

All the way to state,

Dear Bones and House cast and crew and anyone involved,
I’m sorry FOX shuffles you around and preempts you all the time. I love you all and think that the fact that you were renewed for next season makes me super happy.

I love Fox dramas (well, sometimes),

What about you guys? What open letters do you feel like writing??

In other news….

The season finale of Psych was so good. Humorous, genuinely charming, it really tied together a slightly lopsided second half of the season. Also, I’m starting to jump on the Monk isn’t really as good as it used to be bandwagon. It’s more contrived than usual, and they’ve turned Monk into a mockery of the man he once was. I hope they redeem themselves in time for the summer season.

I love The Black Donnellys. I wasn’t completely sold on the pilot, but the end really did bring it all together, and leave me wanting more. Monday’s second episode really solidified my newest TV obsession (as well as my new TV boyfriend Jonathan Tucker). It was the perfect blend of funny, sad, emotional, and just the kind of stuff you don’t see on television all the time. Corinne and I got done watching and found ourselves saying “No we don’t want it to be over!”

Let me just talk for a minute about Veronica Mars – I wasn’t happy with the easy cop out they took for the person who killed the Dean. In season 1, I never EVER would have guessed Aaron Echolls killed Lilly. In season 2, I wasn’t comfortable knowing that Beaver was the guy who caused all the pain. This season, I knew Mercer was the rapist (Moe was a surprise, but all in all, not too big of one), so that didn’t wow me. And now, with Tim being the Dean’s murderer, I’m not sure I’m okay with that. Rob Thomas and co. still wow me, with their pop culture references and their ability to write great lines for Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring (as well as the rest of the cast). I just need more excitement. I’m worried about their being off air for 6 weeks, and the stand alone episodes but I’m keeping an open mind.

Lastly, I beg you – DO NOT WATCH “WHO WANTS TO BE A PUSSYCAT DOLL” or whatever it’s called. If that gets higher ratings than our darling Veronica, it’s sure as shooting that VM and crew are goners come next fall.

Feedback is always welcome!

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  • Linda B.

    I agree w/ you completely on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. i think it’s a terrible idea. The show is about the interactions between ALL the characters. You take one out on their own, and it will not work.
    I like where Addison’s character is right now on the show. Will she get with Alex…will she continue a relationship w/ McSteamy…will her and Meredith become better friends now that she’s not w/ McDreamy….? i want to see these storylines played out to their fullest, not abruptly ended because producers want a spinoff.
    And, if people think this will work because CSI spinoffs have become successful, this is different. They started new shows with a completely different cast, they didn’t STEAL characters from the root show. Okay, i’m done.

  • Will somebody PLEASE ask the programers at the CW to move Supernatural from the “killer time slot from hell” aka Thursday at 9 p.m.??
    Supernatural is funny, sexy, full of great characters, good stand alone episodes, well planned season spanning arcs, super special effects and things that go bump in the night!

  • I agree with virtually everything you said about Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy.

    For Gilmore Girls, the path taken in season six damaged the path of the series as a whole. While there are glimmers of hope throughout season seven, it doesn’t feel the same. I’m not sure if it ever could feel the same again, and even if they try really hard to get there, it may be too little, too late. Yet, I’m still hanging on and hoping.

    I’m not as huge a fan of Grey’s Anatomy as some people, so I’m a little skeptical about a spin-off. However, the buzz is that Taye Diggs and Tim Daly would also be rounding out the spin-off, and they’re pretty good actors with a decent amount of star credibility (I think Taye Diggs reputation as being a “show-killer” is just coincidence). I also wonder if ABC threw those two a bone, considering the cancellation of Day Break and the “indefinite hiatus” of The Nine.

    I do agree about Izzie. She does have her holier-than-thou moments. I find that she can also overflow with melodrama sometimes, and that’s not a good thing. At times, she’s the best character on the show. Other times, they give her the worst material to work with.